The equipment of Yunnan Zhongyan project of the ho

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The equipment of "Yunnan Zhongyan project" of Huazhang technology starts to be delivered

release date: fire resistant glass source: Huazhang technology

Yunnan Zhongyan project foundation plate arrived at the project site of Yunnan Zhongyan Reconstituted Tobacco Co., Ltd. in Kunming, Yunnan on October 28, 2020, and can provide customized solutions for customers. The safety components and electronic components of Huazhang science and technology major projects will make the engineers of the automobile weight gain department also arrive at the project site to guide the installation of the foundation plate. The arrival of the foundation plate also marks that the project has entered the stage of equipment delivery, installation and commissioning. Subsequent goods will arrive in succession. If the project progresses as scheduled, the China tobacco project is expected to be published in the middle of 2021

project introduction

Yunnan Zhongyan project is a paper machine BD general contracting project signed by Huazhang technology in early 2020. The two paper machines mainly produce tobacco flakes. The annual output of the project is expected to be 20000 tons, the width of the paper machine is 1760mm, and the speed is 150m/min

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