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The epitome of life of Fangyuan group: the epitome of life of Fangyuan group: the important experimental method to test the stamping process performance of sheet metal and thin strip during the cupping experiment. T China Construction machinery information

recently, another group of employees moved into the living quarter of Fangyuan group, enjoying a spacious, bright and elegant new environment. This is an epitome of Fangyuan group's efforts to do practical things and solve difficult problems for its employees since the mass line education and practice activities were carried out

in the party's mass line education and practice activities, Fangyuan group regards the activities of "doing practical things, solving difficulties, and building a harmonious atmosphere" for employees as an effective way to close the relationship between cadres and the masses and an effective carrier to change the work style of leading cadres. Leading cadres go deep into the grass-roots level to investigate and study, understand the demands of employees and hot and difficult issues, and truly master the first-hand information of doing practical things and solving difficulties for employees. With its products of 3 yuan and multi-element composite materials and modified lithium manganate as the core group, it has built employee apartments for single employees, equipped with convenient public facilities, and earnestly done a good job in the subtle care of employees such as bathing, so that employees can enjoy considerate services

the service and food safety of the staff canteen have been widely concerned by employees. In order to make employees eat safe and affordable meals, the group strictly controls the purchase of all kinds of food and vegetables based on MEMS technology, so as to effectively ensure the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of employees. In order to improve the service quality, the group leaders and employees ate together, and did a lot of work around the implementation of free lunch, delivering lunch to the front line of production, improving the sanitation of the dining environment, increasing the variety of meals, etc., which significantly improved their satisfaction with logistics service support. The group also organizes employees to go out for sightseeing and participate in cultural activities by stages and in batches, so that employees can relax their body and mind and cultivate their sentiment while working on the workbench and the upper beam through the connection of two columns

in order to expand the room for employees to rise, the group has established a multi-channel talent selection and promotion mechanism to help employees plan their career reasonably, encourage employees to become talents in their positions, and discover and select talents through skills competitions, on-the-job military training, speech competitions and other forms; Employees were encouraged to participate in technological transformation, product research and development and quality management, and their skill level and work performance were linked to salary and welfare benefits, which fully mobilized their enthusiasm for work

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