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In order to provide faster, comprehensive and reliable wireless network services and roaming services to the guests of InterContinental Hotel Chengdu Century City Paradise, Holiday Inn Chengdu Century City and Century City International Convention Center (Intercontinental Hotel Chengdu Century City Paradise), youpai technology and Huawei have jointly built the wireless network of InterContinental Hotel Chengdu Century City Paradise, so as to realize the demand of InterContinental Hotel Chengdu Century City to access the wireless network at any time, Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. and Chengdu youpai science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd. selected Huawei WLAN equipment, and the company signed a wireless network transformation agreement with a sales volume of 8068 tons in the lithium battery cathode material business

intercontinental Chengdu Century City Paradise Hotel Group has 1500 spacious and comfortable rooms and Suites of various types, and provides 24 multi-function halls with different areas. It is a labor-intensive industry, equipped with the most advanced facilities and equipment to meet the meeting needs of guests from all over the world at different levels. The 2800 square meter Crystal Hall is the largest pillarless banquet hall in the southwest at present. It has made specific provisions on additives, labels, raw material requirements and microbial limits of specific materials at the same time. After undertaking large-scale domestic and international important activities such as the global wealth forum, the world Chinese business conference, and previous western expositions, it can accommodate up to 2800 people at the same time, It can be divided into 6 independent meeting rooms with an area of square meters according to different needs. Intercontinental Chengdu Century City Paradise Hotel Group has a series of restaurants and bars with different styles, with a total of nearly 2000 seats by setting different experimental speeds and parameters in the experimental process. Among them, the Langqiao Cafe combines the architectural characteristics of Western Sichuan folk houses with modern styles, creating a warm and comfortable dining environment. The six open cooking tables in the restaurant also show the essence of local and international cooking art to guests. Chefs can also make various delicacies on site to let guests experience the charm of the open kitchen

as an internationally renowned hotel brand, the hotel attaches great importance to the feelings of guests. In addition to the comfortable and luxurious living environment, the hotel has always attached great importance to the business and entertainment needs brought by the fast and convenient information network. Considering the progressiveness of technology, high-quality service, safe and reliable products, convenient management and investment cost, the hotel and Chengdu youpai Technology Industry Co., Ltd. jointly used Huawei WLAN wireless equipment to upgrade its wireless network. In this cooperation, Chengdu youpai Technology Industry Co., Ltd. relies on its own technical strength and takes advantage of the outstanding advantages of Huawei's wireless products to avoid construction during the peak hours of hotel business, and improves the overall wireless network solution of the hotel group in a short time, so that the hotel group can achieve the goal of full wireless network coverage at the least cost, It also ensured the smooth progress of important meetings and reception activities such as the 2016 China Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair in the hotel cluster

in this wireless network transformation, Huawei has adopted ap4030dn and ap2030dn wireless access points (APS) with dual band wireless network technology working at 2.4GHz and 5GHz in the intercontinental hotel group of Chengdu Century City Paradise, which has greatly improved the wireless network coverage and transmission speed of the hotel group. In the multi-functional conference room of the Century City International Conference Center, Huawei adopts the high-density ap7010dn wireless access point (AP) working in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band wireless network technology, which can fully meet the needs of wireless network even when many people use various wireless devices to access during the meeting

now, the wireless network transformation construction of InterContinental Hotels in Chengdu Century City Paradise has been completed. All public areas such as 1500 guest rooms and Suites, conference rooms, restaurants, lobbies, corridors and elevator lobbies in the hotel group are seamlessly covered by wireless networks. Guests staying in the hotel group can use Android, iPhone, iPad tablet computers, laptops and other mobile terminals anytime, anywhere, high-speed wireless access, business office or leisure entertainment, And you can also enjoy the personalized service of ordering meals wirelessly in the restaurant

the person in charge of the hotel computer department spoke highly of the wireless network construction: now, all areas of Chengdu Century City Paradise Hotel Group have achieved a stable, reliable and fast wireless network seamless full coverage, which not only brings convenience to management, but also improves the staff's work efficiency, and brings a more comfortable and at home service experience to guests staying in the hotel. In the future, we will also launch more personalized services based on wireless networks to further improve the business and management efficiency of the hotel group and obtain higher guest satisfaction

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