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Youth flying Hengte Heavy Industry Park held a staff get-together

youth flying Hengte Heavy Industry Park held a staff get-together

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Guide: at 7 p.m. on April 12, 2014, in Hengte heavy industry park, the song was flying, the dance was graceful, the applause was like a tide, filled with the breath of youth, a wonderful performance was staged here, and the imperial League group staff get-together held by the group was grandly held. Company leaders Wang Zhiheng, Wang Liang, Wang Jinbo

at 7 p.m. on April 12, 2014, the Hengte heavy industry park was full of singing, dancing, applause, and youth. A wonderful performance was staged here, and the "imperial League Group employees' Gala" held by the group was grandly held

company leaders Wang Zhiheng, Wang Liang, Wang Jinbo, Wang Dengfeng, Huo Aihua, Shang hengting, Liu Qingchang, Wang Zhigang, Li Hui, Li Guangtian sat in the front row and had a party with all employees

in the six months ended December 31, 2018, Wang Dengfeng, deputy general manager, made an opening speech. He said that the group is now in a good situation of prosperity, which is inseparable from the foresight of the group's leaders and the selfless dedication of his family. I hope we can achieve new achievements with more innovative spirit and situation and more efficient work

vice chairman Wang Liang greeted all the family members with simple and humorous words, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the employees, especially the production family members, who fought on the front line in the "hundred day battle". Because of everyone's concerted efforts, the continuous progress and steady development of the enterprise can be achieved. In the future, we should work closely together and take new steps with stronger confidence

the party has not only the popular and humorous "northeast Errenzhuan" performance, but also the elegant saxophone solo, as well as the thrilling unique skills. The representative programs of Sichuan opera face changing and monkey king with a long history and strong Chinese culture make the whole party more wonderful

the opening of the hot modern dance performance also decided the structure of the tension machine. The whole performance was accompanied by songs like "come on, come on" and "dry wine if it sells nothing", which won everyone's applause. The song "where is the tree in the nursery" created by Wang Ning in the rock drill workshop was vividly performed by the actors. The party also invited Wang Lei, the inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage and the eighth generation disciple of the double color hall, to perform stunts such as bone shrinking and blowing a fire hose, which surprised everyone. In fact, the stunt master was also a Texan. Li Zhongxian, a self-taught peasant artist, presented a magical Sichuan Opera "face changing" performance for everyone. As soon as his skull turned and his eyes blinked, his face changed as he said it would change, which could be completed in an instant

on the stage, whether it's duet handkerchief skills, magical magic performances, dynamic modern dance, sweet songs, stunts, face changing and other programs, behind the brilliance, the actors don't abandon their careers. It is "one minute on stage, ten years off stage." If we do everything to the best, it will be equally wonderful

during the performance, Wang Liang, the vice chairman of the board of directors, performed on the stage, sent his best wishes to the leaders and all the family members with an inspirational song "believe in yourself", and encouraged the employees to make every effort to promote the pace of the enterprise towards a "comprehensive competitive company" and strive to achieve the goals of scientific, rapid and harmonious development of the enterprise

the guitar solo "imperial League hero" pushed the party to the climax, "we are steel, we are heroes, and we are the rising pioneers of imperial League. 2. Our company is responsible for providing users with measurement and testing technology consulting services for free;, I am not afraid of hardships, I am brave to move forward, and we all have a common tomorrow..." this song, played and sung by Wang Longsheng of the machining workshop, expresses heroes and good wishes, The voice of all the imperial League people was sung, followed by a flood of applause and cheers

the party ended perfectly in the passionate and dynamic dance "Jiangnan style". At this time of the night, although it was close to 10 o'clock, the remaining warmth of joy had not dissipated for a long time, and the night with a strong chill was submerged by everyone's boiling enthusiasm

the successful holding of this gala brings relaxation and happiness to the busy families fighting on the front line, and plays a triumphant song for the departure of the tree moving machine. The spirit of not giving up and not giving up shown by the actors encourages the morale of the employees, and their wonderful performance has won everyone's good reputation

finally, at 9:00 a.m. on October 11, 2015, feel this song "the great wall of steel, the hero of the imperial League" again. Let's continue to perform the wonderful unknown of the imperial league with the ambitions of the imperial League people, and rush to the front of victory with faith and dream

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