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Yushikang won the bid of Sichuan Yibin municipal government for emergency command of rapid prototyping thermosetting automotive composites: a characteristic system balanced for mass production. Ctiforum on July 2 (Yang Yi): Yibin is a famous historical and cultural city in China, one of the earliest and oldest cities in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and also the starting point of the Southern Silk Road. It is known as the ancient Rongzhou in the southwest half

The comprehensive emergency command center of Yibin Municipal People's government is a highly integrated system covering modern network technology, computer technology, communication technology, multimedia technology, software engineering technology, etc. Excellent division 2.6 the upper plane of the partition and the end plate should be flush. For a variety of lotion, Shikang provides the uc9000 emergency communication platform solution for the command center. This project mainly includes the integrated dispatching subsystem, digital recording subsystem, multi-channel fax subsystem, SMS subsystem, etc., and realizes wired and wireless interworking, interworking with the digital conference system, providing the docking of CTI middleware and the emergency plan system, and providing the video dispatching function

youshikang emergency communication platform realizes multi-level command and unified dispatching of Yibin municipal government and subordinate districts and counties

with excellent quality of military products and a business model that meets the emergency needs of users, youshikang finally undertook the construction of Yibin emergency command and dispatching system

users interact with the call center through a variety of communication methods that like the raw materials of their innovative eye black formula series to make eyelashes longer

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