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Youyin 400 takes the lead in research and development to create high-quality communication services

since 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology has successively issued notices and opinions on preventing and combating communication information fraud, the real name certification work has expanded in the whole society. In this process, a large number of 400 numbers of enterprise customers have been shut down due to failure in qualification review, 400 agents with illegal operations have been eliminated, and the 400 industry has been reshuffled

under the general trend of the real name system, 400 agents in the industry have been affected to varying degrees. As a recognized innovation leader and service provider in the field of enterprise communications, Youyin communication can still stand proudly at the top of the industry and become a different leader in the pull range of the 400 industry. In addition to the strength of the enterprise itself, understanding the needs of the enterprise and constantly developing forward-looking products that fit the development of the enterprise play an important role. At the same time, the personalized communication solution of Youyin communication has also been trusted by many enterprise customers

set the 400 industry benchmark and lead the healthy development of the 400 industry

there are various agents in the 400 industry. These agents only care about their own interests, knowing that they do not conform to the 400 handling process, but insist on implementing it, and even help customers apply for 400 by forging certificates and other means. Under the requirements of the real name system, a large number of enterprises 400 were suspended, and many agents were overwhelmed and finally withdrew from the 400 industry

in order to provide enterprises with more professional and stable communication services, in line with the strong sense of society and industry mission of the enterprise, Youyin communication has always adhered to industry ethics, adhered to real name certification, tightened the enterprise qualification review process, guaranteed the safety of enterprise communication, and ensured the healthy development of the 400 industry

400 is perfectly matched with Youyin cloud customer service to bring a new communication experience

how to intelligently supervise enterprise communication information is a management problem existing in most enterprises at present. Youyin communication deeply understands the needs of enterprise customers, and combines the office types of different enterprises to apply the innovative Youyin cloud customer service to enterprises, bringing more convenient and efficient communication experience to 400 enterprise customers

the customer service of Youyin cloud is not limited by time and region. It supports access methods such as, stations, apps, and emails, effectively avoiding enterprises from missing effective customers. With Omni channel access, we can solve the problem of customer service application platform in one stop and greatly improve the efficiency of customer service

provide public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and other deployment methods. All communication information is kept in the cloud synchronously, and can be found at any time. Cloud computing statistics, classification and batch export of data on demand, cloud mode, purchase on demand, save a lot of construction costs, significantly shorten the online cycle, and the new function gives enterprise customers a new communication experience

leading the research and development of Youyin seats (Youyin CRM) to perfectly realize the demand for mobile office

for enterprises that need mobile office, how to master the latest data of the company in real time and follow up the progress of the project has always been the pain point of enterprise communication management. Based on this, Youyin communication has developed a paperless mobile office app that integrates communication, customer information management, and cloud storage of communication content, effectively solving the regulatory problems of mobile office

Youyin seat (Youyin CRM) is specially designed for enterprise teams. In addition to the basic seat function, it integrates lightweight customer management functions. During/after a call, you can add a new customer with one click, enter it quickly and store it in the cloud. When communicating with customers, it can help you record and recall the key information of customers, the latest replacement processing status, communication heat, understanding time and other bits of information. The caller information can be seen at a glance to avoid the awkward opening of the call. The intelligent and safe management of customer information can make your work orderly, better serve existing customers, precipitate loyal old customers and accumulate more new customers

innovative research and development of anti fraud system to build a firewall to prevent Telecom fraud

in order to prevent the occurrence of Telecom fraud, Youyin communication has specially innovated and developed an anti fraud reminder system. Based on the powerful database of Youyin communication, the system compares the blacklist of new customers and verifies their qualifications (ID card authentication system, enterprise information information is). In addition, the company's business personnel will conduct door-to-door visits and field visits to ensure the true existence of the enterprise. Carry out model analysis on customer calls, monitor and troubleshoot customers with abnormal call models, build a solid firewall to prevent Telecom fraud crimes, and contain Telecom fraud in the cradle. Therefore, we must pay attention to the sliding of each department

Youyin leads a variety of office modes to expand enterprise communication terminals

in order to meet the communication needs of enterprises' daily office and customer service, Youyin platform innovation supports multiple terminal types: traditional (fixed line), Youyin (digital phone, app, SIM card), third-party SIP Phone, third-party im tool or app, IMS relay, etc., which can be selected at will according to the communication needs of enterprises, and fixed office and mobile office can be switched at will. At the same time, by connecting to the Youyin cloud platform, Youyin provides enterprises with basic communication capabilities such as answering calls, outbound customers, internal intercommunication, meetings and other rich and diverse expansion functions, and comprehensively solves the problems of enterprise communication management

exclusive research and development of Youyin cloud platform maximizes the characteristics of bulk commodity warehousing, distribution, trading base and services in Southeast Asia and inland hinterland. Logistics distribution centralized enterprise communication capability

Youyin communication provides more possibilities for enterprise communication. It has exclusively innovated and developed Youyin cloud platform to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with communication service rental and communication capability integrated Internet services to meet the needs of enterprises across regional groups The development needs of remote office

Youyin cloud platform is an interconnected cloud platform with PAAS platform (PAAS, platform-as-a-service; platform as a service) mode. By encapsulating complex communication functions into SDK and API interfaces, it provides enterprises with IM, audio, video, conference, further improving the production process level of water-based and solvent-free synthetic leather, call center, SMS, traffic and other communication capabilities

the cloud platform provides nearly 600 interfaces at five ends (PC end, web end, server end, IOS end, and Android end) for enterprise IT system calls, which can easily realize more than 20 professional value-added communication functions, such as instant messaging (IM), voice call, voice notification, voice intercom, voice conference, video call, video conference, call center, intelligent IVR, etc

with the mission of using Internet technology to build global communication, accelerate the integration of global communication, and promote the globalization of Youyin communication, adhering to the value concept of serving customers and the attitude of helping customers explore more value, Youyin communication continues to innovate and develop, provide better communication services for enterprise customers, establish a new benchmark of 400 industry services, and ensure the stability and safety of customer enterprise communication

since its establishment in 2005, Youyin communication has continuously served 300000 enterprise customers worldwide. In the future, Youyin communication will continue to focus on the research and development and services of global enterprise communication products and solutions, continue to customize enterprise communication solutions for large, medium, small and micro enterprises, and provide the most convenient and professional communication services for global enterprises

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