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As a leader in the enterprise communication service industry, Youyin communication has been committed to the research and development, sales and services of global enterprise communication products, providing the most convenient and professional communication services and platform solutions for global enterprises

it has not only maintained stable strategic cooperative relations with domestic operators for a long time, but also maintained good cooperative relations with more than 150 operators in more than 100 countries and more than 100 global communication service providers worldwide, with 500000 enterprise customers all over the world

today, Youyin communication has stepped into the world's top basketball court and made a strong appearance in the NBA's top event, the Houston Rockets vs the Memphis Grizzlies. When the iconic logo of Youyin communication shone at the FedEx stadium in Memphis, more than 10000 spectators and hundreds of millions of network spectators around the world witnessed the shining Youyin moment

since its establishment, Youyin communication has taken the use of Internet technology to create global communications, accelerate the integration of global communications, promote the globalization of Youyin communication as its mission, constantly innovate and develop new technologies, and gradually expand international business

so far, Youyin communication has set up overseas branches in Canada and reached strategic cooperation with Amazon China and other Fortune 500 enterprises, and its business has covered the world

the landing of Youyin communication at the world basketball top level is a strategic layout for Youyin communication to further expand its international business, and will also become an important achievement of Youyin communication in the field of enterprise communication

having been in the international field for many years, Youyin communication is well aware of the importance of products, technologies and services for corporate brands. In terms of product technology research and development, Youyin communication continues to pursue excellence, be proficient in research, constant in innovation, and steady development. Over the past 13 years, Youyin switchboard, Youyin, and Youyin can be divided into six product series: static load experimental machine, static and dynamic load experimental machine dynamics, Youyin cloud customer service, Youyin conference, and Youyin cloud communication interface service, so as to form a comprehensive solution for enterprise private communication

at the same time, with the world's leading patented technology, senior industry service experience and 2million huge customers to reduce secondary installer user data resources, Youyin communication provides exclusive and personalized communication solutions for all kinds of enterprises around the world. On average, it can provide voice communication services for users by padding more than 100 million people in global enterprises every day and tightening the screws. The number of concurrent calls per second is more than 18000, supporting the development of lightweight vehicles

Youyin's diversified products and services have been recognized by users at home and abroad with excellent and cutting-edge product performance and solid and stable technical services

as a recognized innovation leader and service provider in the field of enterprise communication, Youyin communication believes that with more than ten years of brand influence, excellent product technical strength and people-oriented, honest and trustworthy values, it will open up a broader world in the international market

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