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Young people disturb the world? There are billionaires born in the 1970s in China

at present, there are many billionaires born in the 1970s in China. Most of them are civilians, knowledgeable and creative, and they have accumulated wealth in a very short time. "More and more young people will disturb the world, especially in China," said Fortune magazine

"it is these young people who disturb the world." Robert Friedman, the international edition of Fortune magazine, told China Weekly. The young people he mentioned are not street boys who chew gum and are infatuated with hip pop, but some young and unsophisticated wealth upstarts who are in charge of hundreds of millions of assets and break the rules of the business game

at the beginning of September, Fortune magazine of the United States launched its second ranking list of "40 young billionaires under the age of 40 in the world" (last year was the first selection). Robert Friedman is one of the operators of this list. Surprisingly, as many as six people were selected from mainland China

"the smallest asset is US $200million, but the oldest is only 39 years old"

"fortune" has selected 40 billionaires under the age of 40 since 1999, and initially targeted the newly rich in the United States. "At that time, we noticed that there were a large number of young people in the United States who became rich by means of Internet and new technology. Now China has similarities with the American society in those days. There are always many opportunities in social transformation." Robert Friedman said

since 2002, the selection scope of the fortune rich list has expanded, and another list focusing on the world's young rich under the age of 40 has been launched, which can now meet the basic needs of the domestic market

this year's ranking has attracted great public attention. "A high proportion of Chinese people are selected, involving a wide range of business fields, indicating that China is a place with a very active entrepreneurial spirit." Robert said

the six people on the list are diverse. Some are practitioners of knowledge economy and start by doing market research; Some are the creators of the Internet revolution, building a wealth kingdom in the ups and downs of NASDAQ; Some of them have become rich in traditional industries, and their assets have also been turned hundreds of thousands of times by selling fish feed; Some started with a loan of 30000 yuan and earned 1.5 billion in 15 years

of course, the amount of wealth is not the reason why they cause the world to uproar. The key to their "disturbing the world" is: age. Among the six people on the list, the one with the least assets is also more than $200 million, but the oldest one with good material is only 39 years old - although they are still in the "standing" stage in terms of age, they have entered the period of "doing what they want and not breaking the rules" early in their career

when various ranking lists about wealth and power come one after another, people pay attention to their value because they can learn which industries in society make the most money? What business models are leading the economic development? However, Robert Friedman believes that it is not easy to find common ground in the industry from the six rich young people who identify the cooperation point of military civilian integration. China's listed rich have the widest business background, ranging from fish feed to portal stations. Perhaps the biggest thing in common is that these young people are the first generation of entrepreneurs from civilians, and they are very low-key. Robert said that compared with the second generation of Chinese rich who have made great strides in trade and real estate industry by relying on special social resources such as approvals, the current third generation of young rich almost all started from obscurity and bare hands

robert Friedman summed up their mode of getting rich as "a small amount of money plus good ideas"

"we can't guarantee that they are the richest young people in China"

"Yi didn't borrow a penny from the bank or friends since I founded it alone." Ding Lei, 32, speaks with pride of starting from scratch. The golden boy who came out of the Internet saved his first pot of gold in Guangzhou from 1995 to 1996. Although the ups and downs of NASDAQ can change the number of his property, it has not changed his ordinary life. Now he still likes to eat a native specialty called horseface fish

the wealth story of heroes without asking the source is also staged in other fields. Compared with it elites who are closely connected with internationalization, Liu Hanyuan, the fish champion, has a more local way of making money. He started his business with his parents' money selling pigs, and his main business was selling fish feed

Guo Guangchang, who ranked 32nd in the ranking list, also came from a peasant family and stayed on Fudan campus to work as a student after graduation. His venture capital is only 100000 yuan, and he is still in partnership with others. The first 1million is earned by doing market research for others

in an ancient country that undoubtedly takes "keeping money secret" as the ancient motto, it is difficult to find a suitable candidate. Robert Friedman and his colleagues can only find a breakthrough from the capital market and some public information. "Therefore, we cannot guarantee that they are the richest young people in China, but as a group, they represent a younger trend of wealth accumulation."

this is indeed the case. Behind the six people on the list, there are also a group of Young Money collectors. In the Forbes mainland rich list in 2002, new rich people under the age of 40 frequently appeared. Zhang Yue, who ranks 26th, is the president of Yuanda air conditioner and the first enterprise head in China to have a private plane. His first pot of gold came from his own invention of the pressureless boiler, when he was 25 years old. Jian Yinghai, who ranked 34, went to Shenzhen alone at the age of 24 and began his self-employed career by relying on computer technology consulting

there are also hidden dragons and crouching tigers outside the list. Liu Junfei, President of China Science and technology software group, Wang Wenjing, President of UFIDA software, known as "Bill Gates" in China, and Gao Limin, godfather of securities and financial information in China... When they were on the right track to create wealth, they were all less than 40 years old

"the new generation of global billionaires should look at China first"

the characteristics of the third generation of billionaires also indicate that China's billionaires may be younger in the future

"the reliance on knowledge shows that China has entered a 'post metaphor' era," predicted Zhao Xiao, a postdoctoral researcher at the China Economic Research Center at Peking University. "The 'post metaphor era' will make the rich younger."

in the field of sociology, if the old generation mainly educates the new generation, it is called the "pre metaphor" era (originally

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