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The young woman fell down a cable on the fifth floor and saved her life! (video)

at more than 7 p.m. yesterday (October 16), a woman fell from the fifth floor in Wensi new village, Qinhuai District, Nanjing. In the process, due to the obstruction of a cable in the air, the falling force was buffered and fortunately escaped

when she arrived, the woman who fell from the building was lying on the ground and couldn't move. But the woman looked sane and repeatedly stressed that she was suffering from mild mental depression

a citizen who witnessed the scene told him that when he heard a roar, he hurried out of the house to check and found a woman lying on the ground, crying. The citizen quickly called for help and called the police

soon after I jumped the queue in the countryside, the police, fire fighting and first aid personnel arrived. Because the residents on the first floor were not at home, the firefighters used tools to cut the padlock to open the door and enter the scene. At this time, the woman was already unconscious. The first aid personnel examined the woman and fixed her neck. At any time, there was no inflammatory reaction. With the help of prevention, she was sent to the ambulance on a stretcher and sent to the hospital for treatment. It is understood that the woman's surname is Wang. She is in her 20s. The rental instrument living on the fifth floor will record the maximum force value of the broken sample and the force value and deformation curve in the elongation or stretching process of the sample. At that time, she was alone at home. Fortunately, she was blocked by the cable on the second floor to reduce the buffer when she fell, so she survived

after examination, the pressure taking point of women's vital signs is unfair and stable, and there are multiple soft tissue injuries in the body. Whether there is a fracture needs to be examined by X-ray. Subsequently, the police contacted Wang's family to deal with it. The police are investigating the specific reason for the fall

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