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Youth car "water to hydrogen" raises doubts. Experts worry that hydrogen energy will become a fraud to compensate for "new disaster areas"

recently, a report of "water to hydrogen" driven cars has pushed Pang Qingnian, chairman of Nanyang Municipal government and youth automobile group, to the forefront of public opinion for Tier 1 suppliers and OEM manufacturers

according to media reports, youth cars have made the latest progress six months after they settled in Nanyang city. On May 22, when the relevant leaders of Nanyang city went to the site of the hydrogen energy vehicle project to work, they praised the latest achievements of the hydrogen energy vehicle project

according to the report, the planned production capacity of Nanyang Lotes new energy project is 100000 units/year in a single shift, 300000 units/year in three shifts (water containing hydrogen passenger cars and hydrogen energy passenger cars), 3000 passenger cars, 3000 trucks and 3000 hydrogen engines (water containing hydrogen engines and water hydrogen reactant production). The initial investment of the project is 8.163 billion yuan, with Nanyang high tech Zone Management Committee holding 49%

in the face of widespread doubts from public opinion, Pang Qingnian, chairman of youth Automotive Group, first said that the technology of water hydrogen fueled vehicles has matured and will not delay the progress of Nanyang project, and claimed that "the facts are here, not fabricated." However, Nanyang Bureau of industry and information technology subsequently issued a response saying that the "water hydrogen fuel vehicle" was misused in local reports, and the water hydrogen engine has not been certified and accepted at present

securities later called Pang Qingnian many times, but no one answered

Jia Xinguang, executive director of China Automobile Circulation Association, said in an interview that at present, both electrolysis and photolysis hydrogen production methods have the problems of low energy conversion efficiency and high cost, and the energy consumed is far greater than the energy released by hydrogen and oxidation obtained by electrolysis. In addition, even if the above hydrogen production method has a breakthrough in the future, it will only be applied to the hydrogen production link, and certainly will not be realized directly in the car

in fact, pure electric and new energy suspenders are placed on the framework of horizontal experimental machines, and the subsidy bonus of cars will become a thing of the past in 2020. Hydrogen energy, which was rarely mentioned in the past, is likely to become another wind vane after pure electric

it is noted that most provinces' subsidies for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are implemented at the ratio of 1:0.5 or 1:1 of the national subsidies. As a result, a hydrogen energy logistics vehicle of a certain brand was sold at a guided price of 1.3 million yuan, of which the total national and local subsidies were as high as 1million yuan, and the final price was only 300000 yuan

"hydrogen production on board" fell into the vortex of doubt

experts said that the hydro hydrogen engine was hyped

long before the hydro hydrogen engine went offline in Nanyang, Pang Qingnian announced publicly that he had produced the world's first hydro hydrogen fuel vehicle. Under the condition of no refueling, no charging and only adding water, the endurance mileage exceeded 500 kilometers, and the endurance mileage of the car could reach 1000 kilometers

"the biggest secret of water hydrogen fuel vehicle is a special catalyst, which can convert water into hydrogen under its action." Pang Qingnian said so

in fact, the key to the marketization of "ultimate energy" hydrogen energy is the efficient and cheap production of hydrogen. Among them, electrolytic water is one of the most promising preparation methods. However, one of the biggest challenges facing us at present is the efficient and cheap oxygen precipitation catalyst necessary in the process of water electrolysis

in this regard, cuidongshu, Secretary General of the all China Passenger Transport Federation, believes that hydrogen production from electrolytic water is sustainable and low pollution, but the technology is not mature, the cost is high, the energy utilization rate is low, and the external energy is uncontrollable, so the technical path is currently impassable. "If hydrogen production can be realized on-board, its driving mileage must exceed 500 kilometers. It needs further technological breakthroughs in the future."

the reality is that in August 2017, youth automobile announced that the world's first water hydrogen fuel vehicle was officially offline, and declared that it could drive without refueling, without charging, and only adding water. However, two years have passed, and there has never been any news of the delivery of the "water hydrogen fuel vehicle"

Jia Xinguang said that the industrial chain of hydrogen fueled vehicles includes four links: hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogenation and hydrogen energy application. The concept of on-board hydrogen production by water hydrogen engine of youth car is equivalent to trying to unify all links. "Youth car has been hyped for several years."

Lu Chenyu, Deputy Secretary General of the national fuel cell and liquid flow battery Standardization Committee, expressed a similar view that the so-called "water hydrogen engine" was hyped by young cars. "Its principle is that magnesium powder reacts with water to produce hydrogen, copying the concept of 'water hydrogen' put forward by Guangdong heyide Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to Dr. Hua. In view of the history of youth car fraud, the so-called Nanyang offline is estimated to belong to the unscrupulous speculation of capital operation."

youth car is suspected of cheating

experts worry that hydrogen energy has become a "disaster area"

data show that Pang youth born in 1958 is from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. As early as 1998, Pang Qingnian cooperated with Germany's Neoplan to establish Jinhua Neoplan to produce high-end passenger cars. However, the story of young inspirational adherence to the dream of building a car seems to have changed later

in 2008, Pang Qingnian entered the field of passenger cars and jointly launched the first youth lotus racing car with British lotus. However, the youth lotus did not operate for a long time. Since 2014, negative reports such as youth lotus's salary arrears and social security, factory shutdown and dealer refund have frequently appeared in the newspapers

although Pang Qingnian immediately turned the wheel and announced the transformation of youth lotus to new energy business, on February 4, 2017, due to the insider incident of "swindling compensation" around the country, the Ministry of industry and information technology suspended seven companies, including youth auto, from applying for the recommended model materials for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and ordered them to rectify

according to the industrial and commercial information system, Pang Qingnian himself holds a total of 26 enterprises. In February 2017, the Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) announced the administrative punishment of seven auto companies, including youth auto

according to the enterprise investigation and inquiry of securities, the youth Automobile Group Co., Ltd. has involved 340 legal proceedings and 197 judgment documents, most of which are loan disputes. The enterprise has 224 risks alone and 835 associated risks. Pang Qingnian was listed as a dishonest person for 20 times, and was listed as a person with limited consumption for 241 times

on the other hand, youth cars still apply for huge subsidies from the government. On May 12, 2018, the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province announced the vehicle information of the application materials for the subsidy funds for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in 2017 and previous years. A total of 22553 new energy vehicles from five car companies applied for subsidies of about 890 million yuan. Among them, Jinhua youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. applied for 343 vehicles in 2017, and applied for a subsidy of 74.1798 million yuan

Pang Qingnian even supported subsidies in public for many times. It believes that the subsidy for hydrogen energy vehicles is 50% of the national subsidy for electric vehicles, which is not conducive to the development of hydrogen energy. "It is suggested that the government should explicitly implement the national subsidy of 1:1, and the national subsidy of land should be extended to 2025 without declining."

in fact, the subsidy dividends of pure electric and new energy vehicles will become a thing of the past in 2020, and hydrogen energy, which was rarely mentioned in the past, is likely to become another vane after pure electric

it is noted that most provinces' subsidies for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are implemented at the ratio of 1:0.5 of the national subsidies, and some provinces have a maximum ratio of 1:1. In terms of national subsidies, the document stipulates that light fuel cell passenger cars/trucks adopt quota subsidies, with a maximum subsidy of 300000 yuan/vehicle, while large and medium-sized passenger cars/medium and heavy trucks are 500000 yuan/vehicle. As a result, the guide price of a brand of hydrogen energy logistics vehicle appeared. 13 I believe you will have a definite understanding of this time after reading it. 0 million yuan, of which the total national and local subsidies are as high as 1million yuan, and the final price is only 300000 yuan

in this regard, some insiders said that the national subsidy policy for lithium battery vehicles is gradually declining, but the subsidy policy for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is relatively stable. As for the upper limit of subsidy, the subsidy has not decreased. At the stage of strong policy support, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have become the "hunting" goal of individual car companies

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