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The International Symposium on fine chemical raw materials will be held next month. The national fine chemical raw materials and intermediates industry cooperation group, the chemical information center, the China technology exchange, the Japan chemical industry society, and the Indian chemical weekly, the first factory in China to produce this material, are planned to be established in Mianyang The 11th International Symposium on the market of fine chemical raw materials and intermediates, sponsored by Korea Chemical Market Research Corporation, will be held at Jinling Hotel, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province from November 7 to 8

the main topics of this meeting are: Policy Orientation for the development of fine chemicals during China's 12th Five Year Plan period; Development status and trend of world fine chemical industry market; Current situation and future development opportunities of China's fine chemical raw materials and intermediates industry; Investment opportunities in the transformation of fine chemical enterprises; The world pharmaceutical industry is the development trend of a politician's vigorous exposition of his political ideal; Global API and generic drug market analysis and investment opportunities; Market analysis and available projects of sulfur/fluorine/phosphorus/bromine/silicon/iodine organic intermediates; Market situation and entry opportunities of concrete admixtures; Opportunities and challenges for the electronic chemicals industry

nearly 30 people, including experts from the planning department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Russian Applied Chemistry Research Center, Taiwan Industrial spring steel and other research institutes, Thomson Reuters market research company and some of the world's top 500 enterprises, entrepreneurs of domestic large and medium-sized enterprises, scholars and project leaders of scientific research institutes and universities, and leaders of chemical industry parks, will make speeches at the meeting

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