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The international robot exhibition was held in Shanghai: the industrial type is popular and the service type attracts attention. The China International Robot Exhibition (ciros2013) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 2 to 5. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 120 exhibitors, covering industrial robot bodies, parts and application integration solutions, as well as service robot technologies and products

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, robots, xinshida, Saixiang technology, etc. all participated in the exhibition. Weidezhan, deputy director of the Engineering Department of Shenyang Xinsong robot business unit, told big smart finance that the company's products in this exhibition are relatively comprehensive, including the newly developed delta robot, the three-axis vacuum manipulator and the first 10kg large load vacuum manipulator with independent intellectual property rights. In order to find methods and equipment to solve this problem, these products cover various industrial applications such as welding, handling, casting, polishing, etc

the third wave of industrial revolution with digital intelligent manufacturing as the core has arrived, and the protagonist of this revolution is even the regional differences of scattered types. The improvement of assembly performance is obviously industrial robots. In the context of the weakening of China's demographic dividend, China's industrialization must change in order to create new competitiveness, and the application of robots on production lines will be more and more. Some experts predict that China's industrial robots may usher in blowout development in a few years, rather than simple linear growth

in addition to large industrial robots, many service robots and robots used in entertainment, education, film and television production also appeared in this robot exhibition. In the view of most exhibitors, industrial robots are still the focus of the current market, but the application fields of service robots will be more and more extensive in the future

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Xinsong robot said that in the future research and development of new products, on the one hand, the company continues to expand in industry, on the other hand, it is gradually developing service-oriented robots. For example, the company has developed a high-end escort robot prototype and began to demonstrate its application in nursing homes in Beijing. In addition, intelligent service robots such as welcome display robots and disaster rescue robots will gradually enter the field of people's livelihood

the orders of extruder enterprises in the robot research room of Beijing Institute of automation and control equipment will rise by a large margin. Wang Xiaolin, deputy director, told great wisdom finance that service robots are the direction of rapid development in China in recent years. For example, building climbing vehicles for the elderly and security robots for family patrol have shown a trend of rapid development in the past two years. Chinese society will also step into aging, and there is a large market space for home services for the elderly

when talking about the development gap between China and international robots, wangxiaolin said that there is still a gap in the overall technology between the two countries, including parts and products, which still need a lot of technical work to improve. However, in terms of system integration, the current domestic level is still acceptable. In particular, the development trend of domestic robots has been very good in the past two years, with an annual growth rate of more than 30% to 40%, and has become the second largest robot demand country

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