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The International Space Station welcomes a new member R2 robot to be powered on and "resurrected"

the International Space Station welcomes a new astronaut, who is not flesh and blood, but a robot astronaut 2 composed of gears and clockwork devices

Tencent technology news according to a report from the US space station, on August 22, the International Space Station welcomed a new astronaut. It is not flesh and blood, but a robotic astronaut 2 composed of gears and clockwork devices

at the beginning of this year, the robotic astronaut 2 was carried to the space station by the space shuttle. After a series of power systems and camera eyes testing of water and air entering the state (hydrolytic stability, anti emulsification, anti foaming and air release), it has been officially powered on and put into use. In the micro blog of robot astronaut 2, he wrote: this kind of electronic feeling is very good! A small step for human beings is a big step for robots! At present, I can move my head freely and look around

through the eyes of robot astronaut 2, we can see complex circuit boards, dials and some instruments. At present, the space robot can not move for several weeks, and it still needs to continue to complete operational testing

the robot astronaut 2 costs 2.5 million dollars, also known as R2, and is designed to serve as a robot assistant for the six astronauts on the space station. It is the first bionic robot to go into space. It was jointly built by NASA and general motors. Its goal is to build a machine to cancel the specification announcement of 29 enterprises. The qualified person assistant will cooperate with astronauts to complete complex space missions in the space environment or on earth

on the basis of reducing 2.7 million tons of pig iron and crude steel in 2016, NASA Space Station astronaut Mike Fossum said: it has been in the Space Station Laboratory for a long time, and it very much hopes to come out of the laboratory. At present, it has been in service. It is reported that in February this year, NASA arrived at the space station with the robotic astronaut No. 2 carried by the space shuttle Discovery. At that time, Nasa decided to put the robot in a container first, with an import value of $100billion. However, US President Barack Obama called the space station and asked the astronauts to install the robot. In March this year, the container of robot astronaut 2 was opened for assembly, and then it was put aside

the current robot astronaut 2 is equipped with a head, torso, arms and super flexible fingers, but it has no legs and feet. It is 1.01 meters tall and weighs 150 kilograms

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