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Preparatory work before joining the franchise store of aluminum alloy doors and windows editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows has achieved a lifelong career and wealth of the franchise store. However, water can carry a boat and overturn it. Preparation before joining is essential

first of all, the evaluation of their own economic strength and the expected investment plan. Because the size of the store affects the market radiation range

secondly, investigate the regional economic level and the market consumption level

third, investigate similar brands in the region to grasp the market situation

fourth, investigate more brands and find the brands that best meet your previous investigation and hope to cooperate with them

fifth, select the preferred brands and alternative brands, and negotiate cooperation conditions

five tasks must be done, none of which is indispensable. Brand is important for you. Choose the right partner according to your market

if you are interested in or have questions about our aluminum alloy door and window franchise, you can call: 400-644-2788 to directly contact our customer service, Foshan Ronggao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. -- provide you with considerate service throughout the process





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