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The scientific name of cave stone is travertine. Cave stone is named because there are many holes on the surface of the stone. Its scientific name is tuffaceous stone or travertine. Commercially, it is classified as marble. The stone has been used by human beings for a long time. The gladiator, the most representative building of Roman culture, is the original masterpiece of Dongshi

the beauty of the cave stone lies in its nature, simplicity and elegance. Therefore, it is favored by designers and widely used. It is mostly paved for indoor and outdoor walls, as well as indoor floors. Now let's see if the cave stone is expensive

price of cave stone

1. Natural marble Beige cave stone marble

compressive strength: 220 | color: Yellow | gloss: medium | origin: Turkey | proportion: 2.7

category: stone stone marble 120.00 yuan

2. Meter white cave stone yellow cave stone white cave stone engineering board travel

proportion: 2.75 | compressive strength: 135 | bending strength: 10 |scope of application: indoor wall, Cylinder | origin: Turkey

category: stone, stone and marble 283.00 yuan

3. Imported marble Beige travertine

specific gravity: | compressive strength: | flexural strength: | origin: Turkey | gloss:

category: stone, stone and marble 200.00 yuan

4. Beige travertine/j-1032

scope of application: outdoor decoration, interior decoration Stone crafts | origin: imported | gloss: light | brand: Jingyi | color: yellow, brown

category: stone, stone, marble 100.00 yuan

type of cave stone

1, beige cave stone

2, wood grain Beige cave stone

3, ivory white cave stone

4, red cave stone

5, black hole stone

characteristics of cave stone

1 The cave stone has uniform lithology, soft texture and small hardness. It is very easy to mine and process, light specific gravity (density) and easy to transport. It is a widely used building stone

2. Cave stone has good processability, sound insulation and heat insulation, which can be deeply processed and applied. It is an excellent building decoration material

3. The cave stone has fine texture, high processing adaptability, low hardness and is easy to carve. It is suitable for carving and special-shaped materials

4. The cave stone is rich in color, unique in texture, and has a special hole structure, which has good decorative performance. At the same time, due to its natural hole characteristics and beautiful texture, it is also a good material for garden stones such as bonsai and rockery

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