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International Service giants prefer "IOT"

[host] in yesterday's program, we talked about how the global manufacturing industry is currently laying out how to significantly improve production efficiency in the future. One method is to use 3D printing technology, while others rely on the combination of data and network. For example, the interconnection of all things proposed by Cisco and the smart earth proposed by IBM belong to the latter. In 2012, the American company general electric put forward a new concept called industrial interconnection

[narration] industrial interconnection specifically refers to the process of installing sensors on the machine to form data about the running status of the machine, transmit it to the cloud, store and analyze it, and finally form decisions and provide services to enterprises, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. As an international large enterprise that often leads the trend of manufacturing industry, GE's strategic layout has attracted the attention of the industry

[Jeff Immelt, global chairman and CEO of Ge] try to minimize those unplanned failures, asset optimization and system optimization. If this can be achieved, I think it can bring a huge increase in productivity. This is the biggest advantage of industrial interconnection, that is to say, the intelligent precision spring fatigue testing machine is mainly used to test and test the durability and fatigue of precision springs such as tension springs, compression springs, disc springs, tower springs, leaf springs, snap springs, leaf springs, composite springs, gas springs, mold springs, special-shaped springs, shock absorbers and a variety of precision small springs, so as to really promote the improvement of productivity

[narration] since 2008, international industrial giants have been more and more consistent in their ideas of linking industrial production with Internet applications. Although the idea of connecting machines, people and data through networks is very exciting, the key link, that is, technological breakthrough, is actually difficult. The recent rise of some new technologies has delighted developers and decision makers loyal to this idea

[Wang Jianzhou, former director 3 of China Mobile Communications Group and CEO of hardness tester after adjustment] now it is a very good opportunity to develop industrial interconnection. Just now we said that so many mature new technologies have been born. We all said that we have entered an era of big data. On the one hand, machine to machine and human to machine data have promoted big data, on the other hand, big data has further promoted industrial interconnection and IOT, It has promoted the development from machine to machine, and now it can be said to be a very good opportunity

[host] imagine that manufacturers can obtain the operation of each part of each machine and make the production process precise and controllable. If the industrial IOT can significantly transform the manufacturing ecology, it will bring business opportunities to the related service industries. For China's manufacturing industry seeking transformation, there is a huge demand in both production and consumption fields

[narration] CEO Immelt of General Electric believes that after the industrial IOT is broken when the material with high real hardness is brittle, the production and manufacturing can be imported from this volume, so as to avoid the waste of resources. Especially in the medical field, medical resources can be reasonably allocated in space and time due to large-scale medical equipment

[Jeff Immelt, global chairman and CEO of Ge] in addition, Chinese customers have huge demand for industrial interconnection. Now we see that the environmental pollution is serious, the access to medical resources is flawed, and the demand for rural medical care is very large. Therefore, there are both customer demand and infrastructure in China, and the conditions for developing industrial interconnection are very good. Now we need to add talents

[narration] although there is a vision, the huge investment in building industrial interconnection is also obvious. Wang Jianzhou, the former chairman of China Mobile Communications Group, believes that if industrial interconnection wants to be implemented in China, not only does every enterprise need to make business plans and investments independently, but more importantly, there should be a unified and coordinated platform to effectively avoid duplication and waste and truly realize interconnection and interworking

[Wang Jianzhou, former chairman of China Mobile Communications Group] first, it is not necessary for all developers to develop the same thing, because I covered some projects with dust covers and found that many people are developing, resulting in a waste, which requires coordination. In the second case, for example, for car couplets, every car brand should have a car couplet, which of course has a good control over vehicle operation. But to truly achieve intelligent transportation, you must integrate with our current traffic management system in terms of unity and coordination, so as to truly achieve intelligent transportation

[host] the concept of big data, cloud computing, industrial interconnection, etc. seems to indicate that the era of low-cost information and massive data is coming. However, before realizing low cost, there must be a process of high investment. Where does this process begin? Are the industrial policies and asset markets of various countries well prepared? Before the establishment of this grand business map, all participants still have a long way to go

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