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Viggs provides Du Wei with coatings that can improve the performance of shoe molds. Victrexpeek polymers, vicote coatings, APTIV films and other high-performance polyketone materials are the world's leading suppliers. Victrexpolymersolutions, a branch of victrexplc, announced today, Du Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd., a professional shoe mold manufacturer, chose its vicote coating to be applied to the two-color EVA shoe mold. Practice has proved that the service life of vicote coating based on victrexpeek polymer can reach 1.5 months (about 5000 cycles), which is 30 times that of PTFE material

in the process of making shoes, shoe molds need to withstand the test of extreme high temperature and corrosive environment, so there are extremely strict requirements for materials. Materials must be able to withstand high temperature, wear resistance, friction resistance, easy to clean, easy to demould, easy to recoat, durable and have good pressure resistance. The advantages of vicote coating can just meet these stringent requirements. It can not only work continuously at a high temperature of 260 ℃, but also maintain excellent mechanical properties in a high temperature working environment, and at the same time have other comprehensive properties. Therefore, vicote coating can help shoe mold manufacturers overcome the difficulties they face in the production process

James Chui, vice president of Du Wei company, said: "We have been looking for an innovative method to achieve a technological breakthrough in the two-color EVA shoe-making tools, and finally we chose vicote coating. Vicote coating has many unique properties, especially its high temperature resistance, high pressure strength and durability, which is obviously superior to traditional release agents and other similar products, which fully confirms its leading position in the industry. In addition to its technical advantages, it is also necessary to cooperate with the powerful viggs technical team Is one of the important reasons for our success. This team pursues excellence, is proactive, and is unremittingly committed to providing effective help to customers. "

garyli, senior market development manager of wiggs, said: "Vicote coating will form a flexible wear-resistant coating under the conditions of different lubricant contents, which can provide excellent demoulding performance. It can be called an ideal material for shoe mold and many other low VOC applications, which can not only improve performance, but also reduce system cost. Viges is committed to technological innovation, and takes it as its responsibility to provide the highest quality microcomputer controlled machine experiments and solutions, and is committed to helping customers enhance market competitiveness." 。 We believe that this is just the beginning of our cooperation with Du Wei, and we look forward to carrying out more cooperation projects with Du Wei in the near future. "

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