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From the perspective of successful enterprises, the best direction for the development of China's construction machinery

at present, there are many construction machinery enterprises in China with their own characteristics. Liu Gong's fighting spirit, Zoomlion's elegance, Sany group's passion, Shanhe intelligent knowledge, XCMG group's composure, Hangzhou forklift's reform, Anhui forklift's wisdom, Shandong Shantui's diligence

which is the best direction for the development of China's construction machinery

"ancha mode"

in Anhui, a kind of wine called "blast furnace home wine" is almost well-known. Open the wine box, there is a "golden egg" in it. Smash it, and you can get a 1-50 yuan bill

the face value depends only on luck

another brand in Anhui??? Anhui Heli forklift, its success is also more or less related to "luck"

in the early 1990s, ankha decided to make a large-scale march into parts manufacturing. In the eyes of most people at that time, it was an extremely crazy and dangerous practice. The "big and comprehensive" model is the old way that many state-owned enterprises have gone before, and losers abound

but the anzha people resisted the pressure, and they had to use their wisdom and efforts to prove that the old model could also be successful and brilliant

in fact, ankha people have to do the same. The "Shanghai Hong Kong withdrawal" incident is their eternal pain

when ancha people proudly sent the first batch of Heli forklifts to the ships across the sea, they finally got the result of returning goods. Disassemble and check. The problem lies in the parts

this made ancha people make up their minds to adjust the manufacturing of key parts to the pillar products of the enterprise. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the merger and reorganization of state-owned enterprises, ankha has integrated forklift parts production resources nationwide and mastered the core technology of independent production of key components

after years of efforts, the key parts of anku not only meet the needs of its own development, but also become the supporting equipment of internationally renowned brands. Shandong Shantui is the same

next to Shantui office building is Shantui Komatsu joint venture. Compared with Komatsu, the selection function of horizontal tensile testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is important, including experiment, display, protection, storage, accounting, host and special machine. The sales volume of the machine in the world is just like that of Shantui building, which is higher than Komatsu. In Shantui Industrial Park, almost all parts of bulldozers can be found. The small positive strength value is due to such strong support, and the technical content and tonnage of Shantui bulldozer have repeatedly reached new highs

therefore, the success of "ankha mode" and "Shantui mode" is not only the success brought by luck, but also the forward-looking success of ankha people and Shantui people driven by the environment

however, as Wang Lin, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said, "large and complete" means that enterprises cannot do it under the weak construction of key parts. Looking at international well-known brands, large and complete is not the development direction of modern construction machinery enterprises

Hangcha restructuring

in the booming Hangcha assembly workshop, master Qiu, 46, is working hard

a wrench went down, and a screw cap was firmly locked on the steel plate. Master Qiu wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled brightly

"I'm working for myself. Of course, I have to work harder." Master Qiu said that he meant that he owned 63000 shares of Hangcha in all construction fields, with an annual dividend of 10000 to 20000 yuan

"now the share is about 7 yuan, and I hope to be listed as soon as possible." Master Qiu said happily, "do you think I can't work actively?" All this stems from the restructuring of forklift trucks in Hangzhou. In 2000, under the background of Hangzhou's "beautiful women marry first" policy, Hangcha completed its first restructuring??? We will restructure state-owned enterprises as a whole into limited companies controlled by employee stock ownership associations, with large shares held by operators and shares held by state-owned capital. In fact, hang Cha, the so-called "beautiful girl" at that time, made almost no profit last year and came to the crossroads of life and death

through the restructuring, the shareholding employees have become the owners of the enterprise because PLGA is truly a random copolymer. Dai Donghui, chairman of Hangcha, will never forget that in the past, the management of the enterprise was a matter of concern to the company's leadership. Now, once the delivery volume of the enterprise decreases, ordinary employees will take the initiative to ask the reason

it is against this background that in just eight years, the sales volume of Hangcha has increased by 16.8 times, the sales revenue has increased by 18.9 times, the profit has increased by 125.2 times, and the average income of employees has increased by nearly four times

On February 29th, 2008, Sany group decided to award several "over 10 billion Sany heroes", among which Li Bing, the former deputy general manager of Sany group, was awarded 35million yuan

many people say that Sany is hyping again. But only Sany dare to "hype" at such a cost

from the outside world, Sany is a high-profile enterprise. In Sany's view, such an evaluation is not too much. However, the high-profile of Sany is not only limited to publicity, but also innovative in cultivating and "attracting" talents

in Sany, there are 4821 people engaged in scientific and technological activities, 2800 R & D personnel, and 5 and 2 people who enjoy government subsidies and special subsidies of the State Council respectively

when Sany implemented the talent strategy, there was constant disdain in the industry, because in addition to most of Sany's talents trained by themselves, some of them were obtained by "digging the wall"

however, in the market economy with frequent talent flow, how to accumulate talents is a problem that large enterprises must seriously solve. On this point, Sany seems to have no mistakes. On the other hand, as of March 15, 2008, Sany group had applied for 710 patents, with a total of 446 authorized patents, including 149 invention patents and 27 international patents. Sany was successful

he Zhenlin, vice president of Sany group, said that the reason why Sany is so successful is that Sany is a private enterprise. This flexible mechanism makes Sany people dare to do what others dare not do and can do what others cannot

Where is XCMG going?

XCMG's goal is not only to stabilize the position of the big brother of domestic construction machinery, but also to compete with famous brands such as Caterpillar and Komatsu internationally

XCMG can do it, but in order to do it faster, XCMG needs a "heat"??? A foreign partner

Carlyle is still a good choice. But XCMG's vision will not only stay on Carlyle

"we need partners to accompany us to go abroad and better explore overseas markets." Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said that this is an issue that has been controversial for a long time and needs to be resolved urgently

XCMG is the largest and most successful enterprise in China's construction machinery industry. There is a saying in the industry that "Xuzhou in the north and Changsha in the South", but the total sales volume of Changsha, including Zoomlion, Sany and Shanhe intelligent, is less than that of XCMG. Its importance can be seen. Based on this, XCMG's reform and restructuring has attracted much attention

"it is certain that XCMG must reform." This is Wang Min's original words, and also the original words of a leader of Xuzhou municipal Party committee to this newspaper. In the minutes of Xuzhou mayor's office meeting, one content is to help XCMG establish an advanced incentive mechanism, including the setting of equity

"I hope foreign industrial capital will enter XCMG, but one thing is necessary: XCMG holdings." Wang Min said that XCMG needs a strategic partner to lengthen its value chain and increase its value

although patriotism is not often talked about, the patriotism of XCMG workers is beyond doubt. Protecting national industries and brands is the premise and foundation for XCMG to use foreign capital in the future

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