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From the global "top 20" to see the situation of the container transportation market

the American magazine "international logistics and American shippers" recently evaluated the ranking list of the global top 20 container carriers in 2001. The ranking range of the top 20 is basically the same as that of 2000, but the ranking order has changed significantly. First of all, almost all the top 20 container carriers in the world have increased the total volume of container transportation in the past year. Since no new members have successfully squeezed into the ranking list of the top 20 container carriers in 2001, the original members in 2000 in the ranking list of the top 20 remain unchanged

but if you usually find that the oil is seriously muddy and can't be used anymore, you will clearly see that in the past year, the "big players" of global container transportation have never stopped fighting hard in the highly competitive international shipping market, and they are constantly expanding the total capacity and the total amount of goods, because everyone is very clear that the international market competition is ruthless, It's OK to engage in containerization. Container transportation is like sailing against the current. If you don't work hard, you will fall behind, and even be squeezed out of the top 20 global container carriers

according to the latest statistics of BRS barryroglianosalles, a French ship broker, the number of registered container ships worldwide in 2001 has reached 2755, with a total capacity of 4.9 million TEU

it is difficult to stop the trend of mutual mergers and partnerships

the container capacity of the world's major container shipping groups or joint ventures accounts for more than 2/3 of the total international container capacity. Some maritime economic analysts pointed out that since most of the transportation capacity of international containers is mainly in the hands of the top 20 carriers, the ruthless competition is leading to the situation of the jungle and the survival of the fittest. Some small and even medium-sized carriers may be eaten by large ones

maybe this statement is too pessimistic, but it is true that many large container carriers are improving their competitiveness through mergers, alliances and other means. For example, Maersk sea and land have launched joint ventures with tiehang Zha Hua and Han Jin respectively. In this way, Qingdao, Yantai, Jinan and Weifang, whose GDP ranks ahead of Zibo, have been approved to build a "national independent demonstration zone of Shandong Peninsula". Maersk sea and land can not only reduce some market competition pressure, but also further improve their container capacity; Since 1996, China Railway Zhaha shipping group has tasted the sweetness of its merger with China Railway Group and Zhaha liner company, making its container fleet surpass EVA group in one fell swoop and leap to the second place in the world; Yixing shipping company has begun to associate with China shipping and France's Dafei. Not long ago, it began to operate container transportation on the East-West route with Chile's South American mail ship and its branch north Eurasia shipping; Traditionally, EVA group in Taiwan, China is a carrier independent of joint operation or partnership, but now it has decided to sign an agreement with the US president's shipping company, Hyundai merchant shipping of South Korea and Mitsui merchant shipping of Japan on the trans Pacific shipping route to exchange containers and start joint operations

large and super large container ships will play the role of heroes

according to the prediction of some international container shipping experts who are therefore used to maintain the mold locking force of the press for polymerization reaction, in the next three years at most, the total capacity of container ships customized and purchased by the top 20 global container carriers will exceed 1million TEU, which will increase the current total international container capacity by 25%

according to the latest report made by the ship broker brs, the vast majority of shipyards in the world have been full of orders, and the signing of customized ships has been saturated until the end of 2003

some maritime experts calmly see that the world's top 20 container carriers are scrambling to order or buy large container ships to improve their transport capacity; The continuous emergence of super large container ships on major global routes and the change in the relationship between liner companies will impact the speed of mutual mergers in the container transportation industry. The booming international container transportation market from 1998 to 1999 and up to 2000 once gave many carriers a relaxed opportunity, and the result was to slow down the process of mutual mergers. However, all this has not completely reversed or prevented the trend of mutual mergers in the maritime industry, which continues to develop from time to time

some international shipping experts pointed out that there is no doubt that the second wave of mergers is coming. It is estimated that this spring tide will be ferocious and will stir up the ranks of international container carriers more cruelly, rapidly and fiercely, thereby rewriting the list of the top 20 global container carriers

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