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Experience of "qianlaixue" ice cream carton packaging

and Lu Xue's "qianlaixue" ice cream is the first ice cream series in China to use folding carton packaging. In the following two years, Yili, Nestle, Baxi and other companies also began to land in the domestic frozen food carton market. The reason why folding carton packaging products are favored by end users is that carton materials are very environmental friendly, and the complete and rapid degradation is consistent with the future development trend of packaging materials

in recent years, the increase in the number of printing enterprises has made the competition in the folding carton Market white hot. Our company has focused on the following aspects when investing in the packaging of Helu Xue "qianliexue" ice cream

1. adopt new packaging materials and design

in our continuous contact with packaging users, we found that users expect to launch new products, but also hope that their packaging can make consumers feel refreshing, so as to achieve the purpose of commodity promotion. For products printed with paper materials, their shapes (egg cones, cartons, skylights, roof type) can break through the limitations of previous plastic bag packaging, give full play to the advantages of good paper stiffness and printing adaptability, and reproduce the designed patterns through a variety of printing methods, enhance the artistry of the products, and greatly improve the grade and added value of the products. Therefore, we took the lead in selecting paper materials as the packaging materials for Helu snow "qianliexue" ice cream

2. Investment analysis

paper materials are the extension plan, so we must track down * vigorously and then take down the common choice of users. The research and development of new packaging schemes often need to further increase investment, and printing enterprises should make equipment investment for printing paper packaging materials in advance. " Using Jielong's original equipment, the packaging designed by "thousand layers of snow" ice cream can be well completed by making the passive pointer close to the active pointer and aiming at the maximum impact energy. Therefore, we don't need to increase spending on equipment investment, but we can focus more on the research and development of new processes

3. control production costs

the current packaging and printing market is in a period of low profits. Once the scrap rate of live parts increases or quality problems occur, it may endanger the survival of enterprises. Our principle is reasonable bidding and strict management (including quality management and technical management). The purpose of strict management is to reduce the production cost within the enterprise. In addition, the cultivation of staff quality is very important. If the staff quality is improved, the production quality will naturally be improved, the scrap rate will be reduced, and the production cost can be reduced. Of course, cost control should be further strengthened through gradually improved management

4. Refine the procurement process

when selecting packaging materials, we should be very careful, not only to compare goods, but also to comprehensively and deeply understand the situation of suppliers. Generally speaking, every three months to half a year, we will choose material suppliers by public bidding and determine appropriate partners

5. Strict product quality

for carton packaging, customers will focus on a series of indicators such as color difference, leak proof performance, burst proof performance, paper cold resistance and so on. We use the materials provided by different suppliers for proofing, and the customer decides which carton product to choose

in the production process, in order to fully ensure the safety and hygiene of cold drink packaging, in addition to having a professional laboratory equipped with advanced quality testing equipment such as color difference meter, density meter, wear resistance meter, whiteness meter, gloss meter, bar code tester, we should also establish a complete quality assurance system and a relatively independent full-time inspection team to implement the whole process quality monitoring from contract signing, raw material procurement to final product delivery, And constantly improve and improve. This is also a very important factor for printing plants to retain customer orders

6. reduce enterprise risks

now many large printing enterprises are developing diversified businesses to reduce the risks brought by single product investment. Jielong group is also seeking multi-directional and diversified development. In the printing consumables industry, we mainly produce printing plates; In the packaging industry, our goal is to make packaging products with high grade, high added value and large batch. In addition, what are the common abnormalities in the operation of spring torsion testing machines made of PVC and PE plants? Cosmetics packaging box with three-dimensional effect has a very good packaging effect and will become a product packaging trend in the future

(author/Yang Yong, Shanghai Jielong Pudong color printing company)

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