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From the performance of Listed Companies in 2014, China's robot market has become the largest market in the global robot and intelligent equipment industry. 2014 was defined as the first year of China's robot industry, and intelligent transformation has become a key word for related companies. Reflected in the enterprise performance, among the 26 robot concept listed companies that have issued performance forecasts, 21 companies have increased or reversed losses in advance, accounting for more than 80%

Among the 47 robot concept listed companies, 26 have released performance forecasts, of which 5 are expected to increase by more than 100%, namely GQY video, helenzhe, Tianqi, Songde and Haide control

gqy video and hailunzhe forecast net profits increased by more than 200%, and are expected to achieve net profits of more than 24million yuan and 16million yuan respectively. However, although the performance of the two companies increased significantly, they did not rely on pure robot products. GQY video is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of high-tech video products, and robots are not the company's leading industry; Helen Zhe is mainly engaged in aerial work vehicle products and service solutions, and the company's fire robots and other products are not sold much

Tianqi Co., Ltd. and Haide control are mainly engaged in automation equipment, which is relatively more robot colored. Tianqi shares is expected to achieve a net profit of more than 100million yuan in 2014, and the company's performance growth is expected to be 180%; Haide control expects the net profit to be between 49.48 million yuan and 64.94 million yuan, and the performance growth will also exceed 100%. At present, both companies are suspended from trading to plan financing or restructuring

as the industry leader, robot, the purest robot listed company in the two cities, achieved a net profit of 190million yuan in the first three quarters of 2014, an increase of 25% year-on-year. Although the company has not released the annual performance forecast, the steady growth of the annual performance in 2014 is almost guaranteed. As a supplier of industrial robots and complete sets of automation equipment, the company has obvious competitive advantages in related robot products. In China's automotive assembly line market and other fields, the projet MJP 5600 allows customers to distribute different material mixtures into different shells in a single part, accounting for about 80% of the market share. The steady growth of robot performance has become a share of the whole industry, and China, as a large demand country for industrial robots, represents

Boshi shares, the representative of palletizing robot, is expected to have a net profit of 170million yuan to 230million yuan, with a range of change of -15% to 15%, and its performance is stable. At present, the company has horizontally transplanted the downstream field of automation equipment from the previous petrochemical and chemical industries to chemical fertilizer, new coal chemical industry, food and other industries, and the new automation equipment has also expanded to the fields of intelligent cargo transfer equipment, high-temperature robots, 3D printing and so on. Relevant analysts of CICC expect that the smart manufacturing related businesses laid out by the company are expected to contribute to the performance in succession from 2015

at present, only xinshida has disclosed the 2014 performance express among relevant companies. Xinshida announced on January 22 that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2014 was 208million yuan, an increase of 25.11% year-on-year; The operating revenue was 1.306 billion yuan, an increase of 30.61% year-on-year; The basic earnings per share was 0.56 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.15%. The company said that the main reason for the performance growth was that the company's R & D and domestic and foreign market expansion continued to achieve results during the reporting period, and the sales of various businesses maintained rapid growth; At the same time, the enterprises acquired by the company also contributed to the income during the reporting period

move closer to intelligence

among robot concept companies, five companies predict that their performance will decline in 2014, including Fayin CNC, Linzhou heavy machinery, Shanhe intelligent, Haiyuan machinery and Cixing. However, the five companies did not rely on industrial robots or service robots as their main businesses, and the decline in performance was mainly due to the fact that the income from other main businesses made the printing materials 6. 5% Box door: the temperature of single-layer door cannot be depressed without increasing

among the five companies, the net profit of four companies fell by less than 100%, and all achieved positive net profit. Take Fayin numerical control as an example. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of metal processing machinery. The company expects the net profit in 2014 to be between 11.13 million yuan and 18.55 million yuan, with a year-on-year decrease of 0% to 40%. The main reason for the decline in revenue is not intelligent equipment, but the dissatisfaction of downstream customers' production tasks

the net profit of Linzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is expected to decline by 50% to 80%, and the decline of the company's performance is mainly due to the continuous downturn in the coal machinery industry, its main business. The robot project production line of the company is being installed and debugged. In August 2014, the company announced that it planned to issue an additional 1.1 billion yuan to invest in oil and gas field engineering technical services and industrial robot industrialization (phase I) projects, so as to extend its business to energy technology services with higher gross profit margin and high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing. However, until the fourth quarter of last year, the production line of relevant robot projects of the company was still in the stage of installation and commissioning, and did not contribute profits

among all robot concept listed companies that have disclosed performance forecasts, Cixing Co., Ltd. has become the only company that forecasts losses at present. The company expects the net profit in 2014 to be -250 million yuan, a year-on-year decline of 191%, becoming the robot concept company with the largest performance decline. Cixing has begun to step up its layout in robotics, but the company's main business in 2014 was still the research and development, production and sales of computer knitting machinery, while its downstream customers were mainly sweater processing plants. Relevant analysts of Dongxing Securities pointed out that Cixing's robot business in the future is expected to achieve two wheel drive of key parts and system integration, and the expectation of extensive expansion is strong. The company's new automation products and robot business are ready to go

high boom is expected to continue

on the whole, among the robot concept listed companies in the two cities, almost all companies with robots as their main business have achieved a pre increase in performance, while some companies that have recently entered the robot industry chain, although some losses, also hope to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the company's existing traditional manufacturing business with the help of intelligent equipment

relevant experts said that the reason why robots can become the key to the industrial upgrading of Chinese enterprises is that, on the one hand, with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the employment cost continues to increase; On the other hand, the new generation of working population has grown up with fragmented social media such as intelligence and so on, and is unwilling to follow the traditional learning methods and work requirements of the previous generation. In the context of China as an absolute manufacturing power, just replacing people with machines will bring huge market space

relevant analysts of Changjiang Securities said that China's industrial robot industry will enter a period of rapid growth in 2015. In terms of service robots, Chinese enterprises will also benefit from China's huge market and the maturity of scientific research technology. The development of the industry is expected to overtake the curve, and there will be world-class enterprises. This will bring unprecedented opportunities to listed companies in the robot industry chain as the industry leader

many listed companies have set up a complete set of testing technology layout in the development of robot industry chain, such as clear sampling and testing, steel chemical composition analysis, coating testing, building engineering materials, waterproof materials testing, energy-saving testing, etc. Taking Qinchuan machine tool as an example, the company said that while trying to stabilize the host product market, it would focus on developing the business of key functional parts, especially the business of large-scale special gear transmission products, robot reducer products and military supporting products. At present, the patent application of the company's joint reducer has entered the substantive examination stage. If the key parts are in large quantities, the company's performance is expected to usher in a sustained high-profile atmosphere

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