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From the perspective of the international machine tool exhibition, the trend of the industrial development trend of the world's powerful machine tool countries

in terms of market environment, Japan's domestic general machinery, construction machinery and semiconductor manufacturing equipment have maintained growth; In terms of automobiles, orders for machine tools for spare parts are the main ones. In the Chinese market, orders for machine tools in the industries of motors, automobiles, precision machinery, general machinery and so on continue to grow, and orders from the Chinese market have accounted for 40% of the overall foreign demand for machine tools in Japan

should the approval authority be fully delegated? With regard to the earthquake in Japan, which everyone is very concerned about, Mr. Kenichi Nakamura said that several machine tool manufacturers located in Kanto and northeast Japan have been affected, but most of the machine tool manufacturers in Japan are located in central and western Japan, which has a slight impact on the overall production

perspective on the development prospects of China's machine tool industry

relevant statistical data show that in 2009, China became the world's largest machine tool producer. In 2010, China's machine tool industry completed a total industrial output value of 553.68 billion yuan, an increase of 40.6% year-on-year, showing a strong driving force for development

however, we must still see that behind many innovative achievements and major breakthroughs, China's machine tool industry still has many deficiencies and needs to be improved. For example, the industrialization degree of medium and high-end CNC machine tools is not high, and the market competitiveness is not strong; The production and manufacturing capacity of high-end machine tools is weak, and the development speed of CNC system and functional components is slow; The industrial structure still needs to be optimized

Wu Bolin, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, proposed that in the next five years, the primary task of China's machine tool industry is to strengthen efforts to improve the competitiveness and industrialization level of medium and high-end machine tool products, promote the industrialization process of CNC systems and functional components, and promote the transformation of the development mode of the machine tool industry

from the external environment of industry development, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's domestic key projects will further increase the demand for medium and high-end machine tool products, and medium and high-end products will usher in greater market space; At the same time, with the attention of the state and the support of industrial policies, major special projects will continue to be accelerated. CNC machine tools are also one of the industries that are the key support for the development of strategic emerging industries

in this context, China's machine tool industry should seize the opportunity, actively adjust products and industrial structure, and improve the manufacturing capacity and testing capacity of medium and high-end products; Speed up the construction of innovation system, strengthen the training and introduction of talents, and enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises; Focus on the connection between production and use, accelerate the research and development and market development of medium and high-end CNC machine tools and functional components, and strive to improve the product quality and service awareness of enterprises; Actively use international resources, strive to open up international markets, and steadily promote China's machine tool industry from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power"

1. The high-end market has broad prospects

in the exhibition area of Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huazhong CNC"), Huazhong CNC exhibited the independently developed "Huazhong 8" high-end CNC system and the supporting high-precision horizontal machining center. This set of high-end CNC machine tools has attracted many visitors

the relevant person in charge of central China CNC told that CNC machine tools are equipment for manufacturing equipment, known as "machine tools"; CNC system is the "brain" of CNC machine tools and the core of CNC machine tools. Over the years, central China CNC has adhered to the combination of production, study and research, has overcome a number of key technology research of high-end CNC systems in the field of high-end CNC, and has made great breakthroughs in the manufacturing of new energy equipment such as nuclear power and wind power, providing core technology support for the localization of national major technical equipment

Wu Bolin told that all kinds of facilities needed for industrial modernization are inseparable from high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment. In response to this situation, the Ministry of industry and information technology took the lead in organizing and implementing the "major special project of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" in 2009, focusing on the development of high-end CNC machine tools for aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing and other needs

"with the increasing demand for high-end CNC machine tools in the market, the demand for medium and low-end machine tool products is also declining." Wu Bailin said

it is learned that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, with the completion of the key tasks of China's "major special projects for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", the CNC rate of domestic machine tools has increased from 35.5% at the end of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" to 51.9% in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

Wu Bolin told that during the "12th Five Year Plan", China will continue to vigorously develop high-end equipment manufacturing, and strive to achieve a proportion of more than 20% of the sales value of high-end equipment in the equipment manufacturing industry by 2015; By 2020, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will become a pillar industry of the national economy, with the sales output value accounting for more than 30% of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the domestic market satisfaction rate of high-end equipment more than 25%

"many machine tool enterprises have taken the initiative to focus on high-end products in R & D and production, which is of great significance for the whole industry to accelerate structural adjustment and realize the upgrading of industry development, and will also help enterprises occupy more advantages in future competition." Wu Bailin said

2. Scientific and technological innovation leads development

according to the statistics of China Machine Tool Industry Association, the new products with independent intellectual property rights exhibited for the first time in China accounted for about 30%, reaching more than 300 sets, including 56 sets of domestic CNC system applications

in the exhibition area of Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool Group (hereinafter referred to as "Qier machine tool"), Liu Changhai, director of the publicity classroom of the party and Mass Work Department of Qier machine tool, told, "Th6920a floor milling and boring machining center and vm50 vertical turning and milling machining center on display this time are self-developed representative products of high-end CNC equipment. Among them, th6920a floor milling and boring machining center adopts a number of innovative technologies, so that the accuracy, functions and technology of the machine tool reach the domestic leading level, close to the international advanced level."

"only by continuously adhering to independent innovation can we comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of enterprises." Liu Changhai told that in recent years, Qier machine tool has been focusing on national key industries and fields, constantly accelerating the adjustment of product structure according to market demand, vigorously promoting and applying high and new technologies and applicable technologies, so that scientific and technological achievements can be quickly and effectively transformed into commodities with market competitiveness

on the basis of adhering to independent innovation, Qier machine tool has also developed a number of high-tech, high-grade heavy machine tool products through the combination of industry university research and the introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation

at present, the output value rate of new products of Qier machine tool has reached more than 50% on average, and the NC rate of large and heavy machines has reached more than 60%. Scientific and technological innovation not only makes enterprise products more competitive, but also provides a strong support for the rapid growth of major economic indicators of enterprises

at the booth of Chongqing Machine Tool Group, the relevant person in charge said, "Technological innovation is the key driving force for enterprises to achieve leapfrog development. We learned that among the products displayed by Chongqing machine tool group at this exhibition, some of the major national science and technology special products have reached the international advanced level; the R & D and manufacturing of the new generation of high-speed dry cutting gear hobbing machine meets the requirements of high-efficiency processing of high-volume and high-precision gears in automobile, motorcycle and other industries. The machine tool is independently developed and has all intellectual property rights, which enhances China's research and development The overall strength of making a set of high-speed, high-precision and environment-friendly CNC gear making equipment

"adhering to technological innovation is the only way for the development of China's machine tool industry, and will also promote China to move from a 'manufacturing power' to a 'manufacturing power'." Wu Bailin said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, which puts forward higher requirements for the technological innovation ability of the machine tool industry. Machine tool enterprises should increase innovation investment, strengthen resource integration, actively build a scientific and reasonable innovation system, improve their innovation ability, and make them more competitive

3. Automation wave improves product quality

China has grown into the world's largest machine tool market, and many large machine tool manufacturers and tool manufacturers in Japan participated in this exhibition. In addition to the special models for emerging market countries that pursue high return on investment, it also vigorously demonstrates the high value-added models that have not been recognized in the Chinese market. One of its keywords is "automation"

the rising demand for automation, in addition to the demand for additional workpiece handling, disassembly devices and robot single machine tool systems, is also reflected in the rising demand for high-function machine tools. The workpieces that used to be processed by multiple machine tools now only need a compound processing machine, such as a multi axis lathe that can shorten the working cycle

lingshang (Shanghai) trading company, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, exhibited the horizontal machining center (MC) of Beicun machinery (Headquarters: Takaoka City, Toyama county) and the compound machining machine of Nakamura Precision Industry (Headquarters: Baishan City, Ishikawa county) which the company has the right to sell in the Chinese market. The reason is that Yashi Akai of Mitsubishi technos industrial equipment business department judged that "although horizontal MC whose price is higher than that of vertical MC was originally not popular in the Chinese market, after focusing on the feature of easy automation, there are more and more users who recognize horizontal MC"

in addition to coping with the rising labor cost, there are two ways to cope with this change At present, the most commonly used method is to install large deformation on both ends of the collet to prevent the sample from sliding Manufacturers hope to improve and stabilize the product quality during mass production. Because it is difficult to improve the retention rate of factory employees, the method of maintaining high quality through the experience and technology of employees is not suitable for Chinese enterprises. For Chinese component manufacturers with a large number of orders, it is necessary to invest in automation equipment under the condition of increasingly high quality requirements. "Recently, Chinese component manufacturers have not been surprised by the prices we quoted," said Xiuping Oshima, director of the strategic Office of composite processing machines at Longze iron Institute

"automation has been paid more and more attention, so it will be the main model in the future" (tanichi Takahashi, head of Asia turning Sales Department of Murata machinery), and Murata machinery exhibited the parallel double axis NC lathe "mw120". According to Murata machinery, customers have consulted it about the specific shape and accuracy of components at the exhibition

however, the industry has different views on how high the demand for automation is. The person in charge of some Japanese manufacturers said, "it is expected that the automation equipment market will expand in a few years, but a balance has not been found in terms of return on investment, so few enterprises have introduced it". It is reported that in order to realize automation easily in the future, the number of users who adopt scalable configuration when importing external devices is steadily increasing

among Chinese manufacturers, only a few enterprises have highlighted the automation function. One of them is Dalian machine tool. In recent years, the company mainly provides automation systems to automobile related manufacturers. At the venue, the company exhibited the automation system that connects three horizontal MC "mdh50a" to process cylinder block. At present, automation systems account for about 30% of the company's sales. According to the introduction of Dalian machine tool, the products are mainly provided to Chinese manufacturers

4. Grasp the opportunity to improve the industry

green manufacturing is the future development trend. Therefore, many exhibits of this exhibition are also from different angles,

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