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From the "alpha folding", we can see the new stage of AI development

AI is not only changing people's lifestyle, but also changing the way scientists do research

it is not only changing people's lifestyle, but also changing the way scientists do research

recently, the people's Hospital of Peking University announced at its official that the research team of the hospital used artificial intelligence methods to help determine the diabetes classification of people with preliminary diagnosis of diabetes in China and the United States, providing a theoretical basis for the precise treatment of diabetes

AI has gained popularity by learning to play go, make coffee and play table tennis. Why do you want to help determine the classification of diabetes? Because scientists need them

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is becoming a right-hand assistant

the cover of the first issue of Science in December 2018 introduces people to a "digital prodigy" - the strongest chess saint in history, "alpha zero". As an evolutionary version of AI "alpha go", which was unveiled two years ago, "alpha zero" not only conquered go, but also defeated the strongest Japanese general and chess AI programs only after "self-study" for 2 hours and 4 hours respectively

the rapid growth of "alpha zero" represents the progress of artificial intelligence in 2018. Driven by new theories and technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, supercomputing and brain science, AI, which has been out for more than 60 years and has been questioned for many times, has ushered in a new round of development boom, and has truly entered the stage of implementation: the intensive introduction of new policies in various countries, the deployment of science and technology giants, and the latest progress is changing with each passing day... A "new era of intelligence" is coming

"alpha" series of artificial intelligence not only played all over the human invincible hand in the field of chess and cards, but also the latest "alpha folding" can effectively predict the three-dimensional structure of proteins, and beat many rivals to win the championship in an international competition in early December. The British deep thinking company, which developed the "alpha" series of programs, issued a statement saying that this "proves that AI can drive and accelerate new scientific discoveries"

from the perspective of scientific research achievements, artificial intelligence is "breaking new ground" in many fields, with the medical and health field bearing the brunt. In the past year, from determining the molecular structure of drugs to improving the efficiency of drug development, from early cancer diagnosis to predicting tumor development, we can see that artificial intelligence is playing a role. For example, an artificial intelligence achievement of the University of California, Los Angeles can predict Alzheimer's disease six years earlier than doctors' diagnosis; Physicists at Stanford University in the United States developed an artificial intelligence program that "rediscovered" the periodic table in just a few hours; Scientists have begun to use artificial intelligence to study the prevention of earthquakes and tsunamis

in terms of application, the first artificial intelligence medical device has been approved by the American Medical Management Agency for screening diabetes optic neuropathy; Alibaba cloud is using artificial intelligence to help Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, deal with congestion; Japanese police will test the artificial intelligence system for crime prevention; AI has also become a think tank in the sports industry, helping athletes hone their skills and improve their competition results...

it has roughly experienced three stages: the manual experimental machine before the 1950s; Electronic semi-automatic experimental machine from 1960s to 1980s; In the 1980s, it fell behind the full-automatic experimental machine controlled by microcomputer. On the whole, the combination of super computing power, increasing massive data and emerging excellent algorithms has driven the accelerated development of artificial intelligence and gradually "from virtual to real". According to a report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a well-known consulting company, AI will bring 14% growth to the global GDP by 2030, equivalent to US $15.7 trillion

strive to embrace artificial intelligence

researchers in other fields are also trying to embrace artificial intelligence. Li Tao, a professor at the school of modern engineering and Applied Sciences of Nanjing University, is trying to apply the deep learning algorithm to the field of super structured photon technology

in the past hundreds or even thousands of years, people's understanding of optics has mostly stayed at the macro level. With the development of modern technology, especially the progress of micro nano processing technology since the 21st century, scientists began to pay attention to the excitation and propagation properties of light at the micro nano scale. Because at this scale, the size of the material structure is close to or even smaller than the wavelength of light. Using these structures can achieve novel optical effects and functions that natural materials do not have, which has attracted the research interest of many scientists. The core content of Li Tao's research is also carried out in this direction

Li Tao's relationship with 300 enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 10000 tons in the field of micro nano optics research is a process of self discovery in continuous attempts. During the research, Li Tao paid attention to some novel optical phenomena at the nano scale, such as the fluorescence effect of the porous alumina template used to prepare nanowires, the spectral changes after filling the medium, and so on. Driven by strong curiosity, Li Tao began to explore the direction of nano photonics alone in the final stage of his doctoral thesis. After a period of research, Li Tao was attracted by the research of negative refractive index materials. Negative refractive index material is a novel artificial structural material that violates natural materials. Its core principle can be realized by constructing a negative magnetic response of artificial magnetism

Li Tao set up a set of experimental devices for observing and studying the propagation properties of surface plasmons on metal surfaces, developed and innovated surface wave control methods, and achieved a series of important research results around 2011. Among them, the surface plasmon Airy beam realized by Li Tao's research group has received extensive attention from the domestic surgical research community. Immediately after that, Li Tao's research group made researches on plasmon focusing, wavelength division multiplexing, collimated beam, spatial Airy beam, etc. In recent years, they have also developed near-field holographic technology, which has received extensive attention in the field

in the past decade, the scientific research team led by Li Tao has been focusing on the research of surface plasmon optics and artificial superstructure materials, and has achieved a series of excellent scientific research results. Many papers have been published in international important journals such as nature communications, Physical Review Letters, nano letters and so on

surface plasmon (SPP) is an electromagnetic mode that exists at the interface between metal and medium. It has the characteristics of sub wavelength propagation and local field enhancement, so it is favored by people. It is an excellent carrier for photon manipulation and integration at the micro and nano scale. It has received extensive attention in the fields of highly sensitive biological detection, sensing and new light sources. Therefore, the study of its basic physical properties is of great significance

in 2017, Li Tao's research group made new progress in plasmon wave space radiation holographic imaging. By successfully interfering the propagating surface plasmon with the spatial holographic target light field, the hologram that can realize the multiplexing of multiple imaging targets can be obtained, and it can be read out and reconstructed by the excitation of plasmon waves in different propagation directions. This method breaks through the limitation of only two orthogonal states in the traditional polarization multiplexing hologram, and obtains a quadruple crosstalk free hologram. Although this work takes holographic imaging as the demonstration result, its more important significance lies in the combination of surface plasmon in-plane propagation and spatial multi-dimensional light field regulation, which realizes the effective conversion of evanescent wave information and spatial light field information. This new idea of light field regulation will open up a new scheme and research platform for photon technology at micro and nano scales

is AI and big data an organic combination

however, at present, AI applications such as "alpha folding" for specific scientific research fields are rare. There is still a certain threshold for ordinary scientists to use artificial intelligence easily

nowadays, everyone of us is talking about "Ai + big data". The intelligent manufacturing system led by the new generation of AI technology is a new mode, new means and new business form of Intelligent Manufacturing in the era of 'interconnection + big data + AI +'

"Internet + big data + artificial intelligence +" era needs innovation, green, open, sharing and personality. The core technologies of this era mainly include seven kinds of comprehensive technologies with deep integration of new technologies, especially new interconnection, traditional interconnection, car couplets, etc. Among them, the rapid development of new interconnection technology (traditional interconnection, car coupling, mobile interconnection, satellite, integration of heaven and earth, future interconnection, etc.), new information and communication technology (such as cloud computing, big data, 5g, high-performance computing, modeling/simulation, quantum computing and other technologies) and new artificial intelligence technology (based on big data intelligence, swarm intelligence, man-machine hybrid intelligence, cross media reasoning, autonomous intelligence and other technologies) is triggering the national economy Major changes in new models, new means and new ecosystems in the fields of national economy, people's livelihood and national security

new stage of AI technology application

since the 1990s, the major changes in the new information environment, technology and the new goals of human social development are hastening the AI technology and application to enter a new evolutionary stage:

first, we should focus on the major needs of manufacturing power, coordinate and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing technology, industry and application based on the new generation of AI technology

generally speaking, China's manufacturing industry is facing the severe challenge of accelerating the "five transformations". The technology, industry and application of Intelligent Manufacturing in China are still in its infancy. Therefore, we need to implement the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", take innovation and development as the theme, promote the manufacturing industry to improve quality and increase efficiency as the center, speed up the deep integration of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology and manufacturing industry as the main line, coordinate the development of autonomous intelligent manufacturing technology, industry and application, and strive through 30 years/3 stages, Realize the grand strategic goal of developing from a manufacturing power to an advanced manufacturing power

second, we should promote the integrated application of intelligent manufacturing technology and its manufacturing mode based on the new generation of artificial intelligence technology

it is necessary to deploy and implement the construction and application demonstration of a number of intelligent manufacturing systems at different levels, such as cross enterprise (industry/region), enterprise level, workshop level and manufacturing unit level, promote the integrated application of intelligent manufacturing key technology equipment, core support software, green environmental protection digital direct plate making materials, industrial interconnection and other systems based on the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, and promote process intelligent manufacturing, discrete intelligent manufacturing, networked collaborative manufacturing New manufacturing modes such as remote diagnosis and operation and maintenance services

third, based on the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, we should promote the intellectualization of manufacturing life cycle activities

we should focus on the intelligent development needs of the whole life cycle activities of discrete manufacturing, deploy and implement application demonstrations such as personalized innovative design based on industrial interconnected swarm intelligence, collaborative research and development swarm intelligence space, intelligent cloud production, intelligent collaborative support and supply and marketing service chain; Focus on the intelligent development needs of the whole process of process manufacturing and the whole process activities, deploy and implement the application demonstration of intelligent perception, intelligent modeling, intelligent optimization and intelligent operation and maintenance of process industry based on the new generation of artificial intelligence technology; Focusing on China's innovation driven development strategy and the major needs to improve the independent design and innovation ability of China's manufacturing industry, Xi was in power to deploy and implement services for the full production from concept creativity to R & D, production, testing, services, etc

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