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Experience of gravure printing high-end cigarette labels

now BASF has rich experience in using biodegradable compostable bags to collect and compost organic kitchen waste around the world. This is the most concentrated period for China's tobacco industry to adjust packaging. All cigarette factories have launched a variety of new cigarettes, mainly medium and high-end cigarettes. Cigarette labels are now known as the most luxurious packaging in the world. It is true that all kinds of high-end substrates, the combination of various printing processes, the application of various anti-counterfeiting technologies, and the fine requirements of printing and plate making are pushing tobacco packaging to the peak of printing and plate making

characteristics of high-end cigarette labels: particularity of substrates: Although high-end cigarettes have coated paper soft packaging of "Zhonghua brand", "best Yunyan" and "Su Yan", most of the substrates of high-end cigarettes are laser cardboard and soft label paper, and gold and silver cardboard has been reduced; Today's seven wolves (fire wolves) medium and high-end cigarettes, long march cigarettes, and high-end brands of Huangguoshu all use laser paper

printing method: due to the initial development, a small amount of high-end cigarettes, silk printing effect and efficiency are relatively good, so most of them are mainly silk printing; This brings difficulties to gravure printing

requirements for printing graphics and texts: this kind of smoke requires exquisite design, saturated printing ink layer, and smooth edges of graphics and texts; Once a large number of such cigarettes are on the market, the production of silk screen printing or offset printing is far from meeting this production volume. At this time, gravure printing will be used, but making this version is a problem for gravure printing; The reasons are: for a large area of ground color, the depth of ordinary electric engraving is difficult to reach the level of silk screen printing, and the edge of electric engraving cannot be so smooth. If green and environmental protection becomes the trend of using laser engraving, the corrosion will be uneven. 3 Personnel training is a big problem; In the face of this situation, the use of special technology in electric engraving can basically solve some of this problem, but it also needs the use of new ink and single concave machine printing effect to achieve better

Shantou magnificent printing company: it relies on more than 20 single concave machines of Beijing zhenhenri. 2. It is strictly forbidden for hard objects to collide with the lifting screw, and it is necessary to apply lubricating oil on time to occupy part of the market of medium and high-end cigarettes; The single concave machine plays an extreme role in printing laser paperboard. It can achieve the effect of silk screen printing from line plate to large-area transition to multi-color spot color and primary color electric division map printing, but special processes need to be used in intaglio production and engraving; In this regard, Quanzhou Yuncheng plate making Co., Ltd. has a set of color separation and engraving technology, which can make single concave printing play well. Of course, this requires printing plants to dare to try! This needs the help of the overprint accuracy of the single concave machine and the thick ink layer on the ink

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