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From the lighting of "Fuxing" high-speed railway to see the development trend of LED

China's high-speed railway family finally ushered in a new member - "Fuxing", which is a high-speed railway completely independently developed by China and a milestone in China's railway transportation. 4. The digital display is almost as different from the traditional "harmony" as the oil source of the computer. From the perspective of passengers, the biggest difference is the lighting system in the car. The departure of the "Renaissance" high-speed railway shocked the world. Then, compared with the well-known "harmony", what is special about the lighting of this new "Renaissance"

compared with the "harmony", the "Fuxing" first-class high-speed railway adopts a double-layer embedded oval top shape, with large oval lamps embedded around it. The overall shape is simple and bright, with a very modern flavor. The Second-class car still adopts the double-layer embedded oval shape as a whole, but the lighting is different from the luxury of the first-class car. Instead, smaller oval lamps are selected and evenly distributed on the top, which makes people feel warm and comfortable

the person in charge of China Railway Corporation said that the train is equipped with a variety of lighting control modes, which can provide different light environments for small and medium-sized enterprises according to other passenger demand enterprises. The car light will be automatically adjusted according to outdoor conditions. The light at the top of the corridor can be adjusted freely in terms of brightness, temperature and temperature

there is a downlight adjustment switch beside the seat of the business seat, so passengers can adjust the light brightness and color temperature according to their own needs

it can be seen that the interior lighting uses high-power LED. As the fourth generation electric light source, high-power LED has the excellent characteristics of small size, safety, low voltage, long service life, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, fast response speed, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on

in the LED market, high-power LED has a good prospect. It can not only be applied to the traditional outdoor lighting market and strong light flashlight Market, but also gradually penetrate into emerging fields such as automotive headlights, flash lamps, UV LED lamps and so on. The scale of the global high-power LED market has increased year by year, and ceramic packaging has irreplaceable advantages over ppa/pct packaging and EMC packaging. Unless the ceramic matrix is alloyed, that is, the third component is added to improve its toughness, and the plate has become a necessity for high-power LED

when the high-power LED market begins to rise linearly, it will be driven by the matching auxiliary material market. As an indispensable substrate, ceramic substrate will inevitably bring a big explosion. However, the domestic market is relatively weak in the research and development of ceramic substrate, and most of them use imported ceramic substrate, which is also an important factor restricting the development of high-power LED in China

market, technology and cost complement each other and influence each other. This relationship is no exception to the LED industry. Since 2013, in addition to the traditional outdoor lighting market and strong light flashlight Market, high-power ceramic encapsulated light sources have gradually penetrated into the fields of automotive headlights, flash lamps, UV LED lamps and so on. At the beginning of 2017, a number of leading LED manufacturers began to develop ceramic flip-flop led, which has entered a new era for high-power LED

high power LED will certainly become the mainstream of the market, and its core heat dissipation problem has led to the ceramic circuit board becoming the standard configuration. While LED manufacturers are rushing to introduce high-power LED heat dissipation solutions, ceramic substrate has become a new star and rising

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