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View on Cisco's "complete" storage trend

in recent years, one of the highlights of the IT market is storage, which is the focus of industry insiders and the fastest-growing area of the IT market. Forrester, a market research institution, reported that the growth rate of enterprise storage demand exceeded 50% every year; IDC predicts that the global disk storage system capacity will increase at an annual rate of 79.6% in the next few years

at present, the favorite of the storage related market is the storage area network, which enables enterprise storage to have higher utilization, better manageability, stronger scalability, reliability, and better performance. With the rapid development of storage network, how will it continue to move forward in the future

breaking through the information island, the market urgently needs a long-term breakthrough

storage network has increasingly played an irreplaceable role in enterprise storage. It complies with the wave of the growth of a large number of data, can effectively centralize the management and protection of data, can reduce the total cost of ownership for users, and improve data (3) the green access performance and storage sharing of plastic additives products, which plays one of the most important roles in storage integration, And it can avoid network congestion caused by a large number of data transmission

these characteristics determine the market and technical advantages of the storage network, making it have extraordinary development potential. According to the report of Yankee Group, the storage network market will continue to grow in the next few years, and the compound annual growth rate will reach more than 10% by 2008

however, this market with great potential also faces some challenges. As networking applications become decentralized and increasingly dependent on storage network infrastructure, the traditional storage network architecture can no longer meet the needs of rapid growth and change. If we make a similar analogy with Ethernet, the storage network with isolated San as the mainstream technology from the past few years to today is only equivalent to the initial stage of isolated Ethernet. Due to the phased limitations of this development, we see more "information islands" within the enterprise. The isolation of basic platforms has brought many potential problems to the existing IT environment of enterprises, such as data migration, data sharing, expansion of storage space, and data security and storage management costs

with the nonlinear growth of enterprise data volume, enterprises must have new requirements for storage network technology to adapt to the new development. More and more enterprises have realized that unified access, sharing and management of data can be transformed into favorable competitive advantages, and effective system management, data management and networking applications can only be achieved through a stable and scalable complete storage network platform. Therefore, the storage network potential must make a breakthrough in technology and climb to a new level

In the 1990s, EMC proposed the concept of storage consolidation, but at that time, without the basic platform and technology of San consolidation, it could not complete the end-to-end consolidation of storage network. Today, Cisco's vsan (virtual SAN) gives a new direction to the storage network. A complete storage network picture that can meet the current and long-term needs of enterprises is rising under the traction of San in 2006

Cisco brings vsan to build a complete storage network

there is no doubt that Cisco is the leader of the global network, especially the IP network. However, in the storage field, Cisco is still a newcomer. However, the extraordinary action of this "newcomer" has completely eliminated the doubts of the industry about it. Cisco is promoting itself to achieve more success in the storage network field with its rich resources accumulated in the traditional network field. At the same time, it also promotes the expansion of storage network from simple access layer to a wider range, and finally realizes intelligent storage network

Cisco has many outstanding advantages. Its advantages, experience and technical advantages in the network are well known to users. Cisco can promote many features and functions of the network to the storage network. Since 2001, Cisco has been exploring in the field of storage networks. Up to now, Cisco's exploration has borne fruit. In addition to forming close cooperation with other storage manufacturers, successfully acquiring andiamo, a developer of intelligent storage switching products, and releasing the full-function intelligent San switch series Cisco MDS 9000, Cisco's vsan standard has also been officially approved by the working groups fc-fs-2, fc-ls and fc-sw-4 of INCITS (International Committee for information technology standards). Since then, vsan independently proposed by Cisco has become the only new standardized protocol in storage network technology. This virtual architecture enables the connection between physical architecture and virtual architecture

the birth of vsan or virtual fabric is a revolution in storage network technology, and its standardization means that the comprehensive innovation of storage network is coming. Vsan is a mechanism to achieve higher security and scalability in fibre channel switching arrays, which can provide logical isolation on hardware between devices physically connected to the same switching array, so as to create multiple completely independent logical sans on a common physical infrastructure

vsan has the advantage that it physically aggregates and manages distributed data storage resources and servers to form a virtual multi vsan network environment, ensuring the independence and security of each vsan. At the same time, it can also improve the instruction ability between multiple vsans, so that any user in this environment can share system storage resources in a transparent manner, providing unlimited scalability and extremely high access performance, And it can realize remote disaster recovery, fault tolerance and comprehensive storage resource management. The most important purpose of vsan function is to achieve more effective and secure management of large sans

therefore, vsan logically integrates the originally separate "information islands" in the enterprise. The storage of the enterprise is no longer limited to the details of EVA foam sole materials and solving specific problems in the past two years, but pays more attention to the whole, realizing its own sustainable development and expansion in space and time. On the basis of integration, vsan can better meet the design requirements of enterprises for large-scale networks in the future, break through the scale limitations of the original isolated San, and form a data transmission network using multi protocol, so as to realize the sustainable operation of business or disaster backup. These are exactly the applications expected by enterprises

the storage network is "complete" Xintiandi

"we believe that the standardization of vsan technology is of great significance." Tom Edsall, head of Cisco's storage switching technology department, once said, "just as the standardization of VLAN has completely changed the face of the data network, we expect the wide adoption of vsan in the storage network field to help storage series managers build a more secure, reliable, efficient and flexible San network, and bring revolutionary changes to the storage switching network field." As Tom Edsall said, those users who use Cisco vsan to realize storage network are enjoying the "complete" Xintiandi brought by vsan

vsan can provide higher flexibility than physically isolated and isolated sans. To transfer a device from one vsan to another, you only need to configure it at the port level without physical movement. Vsans can also provide the same hardware isolation between different vsans as physically isolated sans. Traffic cannot cross vsan boundaries, and each device cannot be located in multiple vsans. This attribute of vsan is very important for the service provider environment, because this environment must ensure complete isolation between different customers

vsan allows customers to integrate some physically isolated switch infrastructures that cannot make full use of ports into a physical infrastructure, and manage it as a unified logical device, so as to improve the utilization of ports and save a lot of money. This unified infrastructure is not only easier to manage, but also occupies fewer ports as a whole. In this way, it can make full use of resources and save users' investment costs

vsan helps the storage network have more efficient management and more reliable security. More importantly, it realizes a truly complete storage network, just like the transition of Ethernet from local use to today's global use. When the thickness of the insulation layer exceeds 10cm, vsan also expands the storage network to a wider range. Vsan has attracted the attention of many enterprises. Cisco has already had users in China, while in foreign countries, many large enterprises have begun to agree with Cisco's understanding of storage network, and have switched to Cisco's storage network solutions. Vsan will make more enterprises aware of its revolutionary significance, and will eventually make the storage network enjoy a "complete" Xintiandi. (end)

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