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On December 5, 2006, the "2006 DuPont China Packaging Award" award ceremony was held in Shenzhen. More than 100 experts, user enterprise representatives and media from the industry witnessed this grand event in the packaging industry

"DuPont China Packaging Award" is sponsored by DuPont China Group Co., Ltd. and the professional committee of composite film products of China plastic processing industry association as a consulting unit. It aims to promote the concept and technological innovation of China's plastic packaging industry, promote the progress and technological development of the industry, and thus show and promote the strength and image of China's packaging industry to the world

this year's jury is composed of seven senior professionals in the industry. They comprehensively evaluated the participating projects in three aspects: the degree of innovation, the impact on the packaging industry and consumers, and the scope of application, and finally produced six first, second, and third prizes and three professional awards. Professional awards are appearance design award, printing effect award and structural design award

each of the award-winning products has its own merits. However, by comprehensively analyzing these award-winning works, we can see some important trends in the packaging market

composite materials have become the mainstream

various material composite technologies are creating the widest development space for the application and technological innovation of packaging industry. It can be seen from the introduction of the award-winning products that, except for the "portable zipper shaped three-dimensional bag" that won the third prize, which did not specify the specific packaging material used, the rotation of the force measuring pointer will slow down, others, from the one-way breathable rice bag (visibility) of the first prize, the sterile packaging composite bag for liquid food and the aluminum plastic composite laser tube of the second prize, The laser composite wine cap and microwave heated food tray that won the third prize, the sterile packaging composite bag for liquid food that won the structural design award, the appearance design award and the printing effect award respectively, the coffee gift box with 100000 trees less cut in one day in Nestle Yunnan, and the aluminum plastic composite laser tube all use composite materials as the packaging substrate, which shows that composite materials have become the mainstream of technological innovation in the packaging market. (for the materials used in each award-winning packaging product, please refer to the following list of winners of "2006 DuPont China Packaging Award".)

directional breathable technology deserves attention

the "one-way breathable rice bag (visibility)" of Shanghai Zijiang color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. won the first prize of this year's "DuPont China Packaging Award". The package uses five layers of coextrusion composite film and paper composite film as the packaging material, the packaging quality and structural strength meet the storage and transportation requirements, and has the protection function of moisture-proof and mildew proof; The one-way breathable heat seal can automatically drive the gas out of the rice bag during the stacking process to avoid breaking the bag; The bag is provided with a visual hole, which can directly see the state of the contents; The printing effect of the bag surface is exquisite, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and hygiene. Experts spoke highly of the package: the overall design is innovative (has obtained the utility model patent), the production process is advanced, and the manufacturing quality is excellent, which has improved the quality of the current rice packaging bag to a new level

in addition to the functionality of the appearance and structure design of this package, one-way permeability is one of the important reasons for this package to win the prize. In fact, this technology has wider applications as well as European standards. For example, coffee one-way breathable packaging has entered the market. The same technology can also be applied to the packaging of grains, vegetables and fruits that need to breathe, the breathable packaging bags of deoxidizers, dehumidifiers, etc. for food preservation, and the packaging bags of aromatics, insect repellents, etc. Huitian new material: the fluorine membrane project is ready for trial run at the end of March, and its broad application fields and development prospects undoubtedly deserve the attention of the industry

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