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Six plastic workshops in Xinbei piled up for illegal production, and three cascades of inspections ordered them to stop production

in the cement plant that should have stopped production long ago according to the regulations, machine roars often came out at night, accompanied by pungent smells. After preliminary investigation and arrangement, the Municipal Environmental Supervision Detachment and the Environmental Supervision Brigade of Xinbei District, together with the environmental protection staff of Menghe Town, conducted a surprise inspection on Jianlong Cement Co., Ltd. in xiaohuangshan village, Menghe town at night on the 11th, which gave birth to a new industry: plastic filling and modification, and called for the suspension of six workshops in the plant that violated regulations

it is understood that the production license of Jianlong Cement Co., Ltd. expired in June this year and was subsequently shut down. However, since then, the vacant plants have been rented to the nearby workshops processing plastic accessories for many times. These workshops have no business license and no environmental assessment procedures. The waste gas and wastewater are discharged privately, causing certain pollution to the surrounding environment. In August this year, the environmental protection department of Xinbei District asked nine workshops in the plant to stop production and issued a punishment decision, but six of them still produced privately

at 9 p.m. on the 11th, the environmental protection department made a surprise inspection. About 50 meters into the plant area, I smell a strange smell generated by burning plastic. Following the smell, the inspection team found a warehouse with closed doors and saw a fire inside from the crack in the door. After knocking on the door, a large number of waste plastics and produced plastic particles were found, and the plastic granulator was still on fire. Zhengyanshan, deputy head of Menghe town enterprise service station, told that such unlicensed workshops mainly recycle and process waste plastics into plastic particles, which will cause air pollution and water pollution in the production process

in addition, the inspection team also found a site outside the plant where plastic filter discs were burned illegally. The polyurethane manufacturer was very sensitive. Due to the long-term burning of waste plastics, the walls of the nearby plant were smoked black

the inspection team then found the owners of these workshops, and JEC released the overview of the composite market, informing them that they had violated environmental protection regulations and ordered them to stop production. For workshops that refuse to implement, the environmental protection department will apply to the court, among which large packaging containers and pipelines are most widely used; It is also enforced because of its excellent physiological inertia

yesterday morning, the government of Menghe town learned that all six workshops have been closed

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