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Switch panel size socket panel size

we commonly use wall switch and socket panels to be divided into 86 type switch panel, 118 type switch panel and 120 type switch panel, which are actually classified according to the overall size of switch and socket panel

86 switch panel

the square switch panel is about the same size as our one, which divides the shrinkage characteristics of various plastics into four groups. It is currently the most commonly used panel in China and has the most styles. Its length and width are 86mm x86 mm, which is also our national standard

118 switch panel

rectangular switch panel. This panel is a free combination type, which can be combined into a switch panel with any function according to its own requirements. It is composed of shell frame and switch function parts, socket function parts or weak current function parts such as TV and computer. The function parts can be selected and installed horizontally

There are three sizes of the type 118 switch panel, which is purely called type 118 switch:

118 mm X72 mm. It can contain one or two functional parts, also known as small boxes

155 mm X72 mm, which can hold three functional parts, also known as the medium box

197 mm X72 mm, which can hold four functional parts, also known as large box

similarly, the matching cassette is also divided into three sizes. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the size matching the installed cassette, and the size of the cassette should also be installed with the size of the switch panel. Otherwise, you can't install it. This order for electricians requires high accuracy

120 type switch panel

like 118 type, it is free to combine, but it is installed vertically, and it is also composed of frame and functional parts, but the size will be a little larger. This type of switch panel is less used in these three types. Most of the switch panels in China now use this type of switch panel in the area of Xijiang

120 switch panel has four sizes:

120 mm x74 mm, which can contain one or two functional parts, also known as small boxes

156 mm x74 mm, which can hold three functional parts, also known as the medium box

200 mm x74 mm, which can hold four functional parts, also known as large box

120 mm X120 mm. It can hold four functional parts, also known as a square box. This is special, especially large, and is a square

wrong choice of switch and socket panel

switch panel is by no means an insignificant small product, which plays an extremely critical role in ensuring the household electricity safety of the general public. Once some manufacturers ignore the national policies and regulations, deliberately reduce production costs, unreasonable design, but hard technology, so that their switch panel products can not meet the national standards, there are major safety hazards, which will greatly damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. At the same time, many consumers lack the necessary safety awareness and common sense of switch panels and distribution lines. When house purchase and decoration increased by 79.4% year-on-year, they did not pay enough attention to concealed works such as electrical lines and lacked scientific consumption concept, which could not really improve the quality of life. Therefore, electrical experts remind consumers that they must avoid the misunderstanding of choosing switch panels

myth 1: pay attention to appearance and light safety

some switch panel manufacturers place great emphasis on the beautiful appearance design of products, and even design the switch panel into a transparent style. The appearance is very fashionable, and it is also very popular with many families, especially young people, but we don't realize that there may be a huge safety hazard in it. Due to the one-sided emphasis on appearance, most of these switch panels choose materials with poor durability and impact resistance, which may be damaged and cracked by a little carelessness, resulting in the risk of leakage. Obviously, the appearance is valuable, and the function price is higher. If it is safe, both can be thrown away. The safety of products is far more important than "surface light"

Myth 2: one-sided pursuit of low prices

"when the forest is large, there are all kinds of birds". There should be no defect at all. This sentence can't be used in the domestic switch socket Market at all. Small brands, family workshops and fake and inferior products are emerging one after another

this reminds consumers that they must choose products with reliable security, reliability and durability when buying, and do not lose money for small things. A dealer bluntly said, "What do you see when buying a switch panel? Of course, it depends on the materials. The switch with real materials is the real guy. A good socket is made of high-quality tin phosphor bronze, which is strong and durable. There is no problem connecting high-power appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners. It is much better than the 'silver wax gun head' with poor power connection. Moreover, this thing is not much more expensive than ordinary brands, and it has a good cost performance."

myth 3: simplify the understanding of safe electricity use

some consumers believe that the appliances they buy are famous brand "green refrigerators" and "energy-saving air conditioners", with a high safety factor, they should be able to ensure their own electricity safety. In fact, this understanding is very one-sided. The development of modern society has entered the era of electrification. In fact, each household in the community is the superposition of power supply system, water supply system, information system and other systems. As a vital system in modern life, the power supply system is composed of multiple rings; 3. It is a coherent system composed of the upper section of the tailstock installed on the swing frame. The lack of attention to any link is likely to cause a "bottleneck effect" and affect the safe application of the whole system. As an important key to control the power supply system, if we do not pay attention to its safety and quality problems. The whole system will be paralyzed because of the switch and socket. Therefore, the fate of the best electrical brand still depends on the switch and socket

these misunderstandings are common when people buy switch panels at present. Only when consumers completely change their ideas, walk out of misunderstandings, and carefully choose switch socket products with brand protection, will our life be more colorful

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