Six weapons of the hottest enterprise management

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Six weapons of enterprise management

when we read martial arts novels, we will find that the martial arts masters in the book are not only good at Kung Fu, but also good at using all kinds of powerful weapons; In modern enterprises, managers will also adopt some effective management tools in order to improve efficiency, optimize management and realize the "long-term stability" of the enterprise. Like weapons, they are also gradually formed through constant tempering and polishing in practice, so they are particularly useful. It can be said that many excellent managers are usually manufacturers and users of advanced "weapons"; Many efficient enterprises usually have several amazing management "weapons"

according to the author's years of research and observation of Ningbo aux group, it is believed that this is an enterprise good at inventing and using "weapons". In the headquarters of the company located in Ningbo high tech park, you can find something similar to the task assignment instruction transmittal in every office. There are many kinds of them, including meeting minutes, work contact list, letter of commitment, etc. In the words of Zheng Jianjiang, the president of the group, these things are like "the hoe of the farmer's uncle, the hammer of the worker's big brother, the pen of the gentleman, and the gun pole of the people's Liberation Army uncle". They are the tools and weapons of managers. Can't they be used by everyone

if we study these "weapons", we will find that they contain a lot of interest and management wisdom

minutes of the meeting - Jade seven star sword

the biggest "selling point" of jade seven star sword is that the sword is inlaid with seven emeralds; The reason why the minutes of the meeting can become the first "weapon" on the "weapon spectrum" of Oakes is not only that it is a widely used "conventional weapon" like a sword, but also because it emphasizes the "seven clarifications" when arranging work tasks, which makes people unable to muddle through

Xiao Cheng is a young man in the marketing department of the new company. This morning, he attended a meeting held by the sales department, at which he mentioned that he would count a group of data. In the afternoon, Xiaocheng received a meeting minutes. What opened his eyes was that this meeting minutes was different from the similar documents he had seen before. At the beginning, he briefly explained the purpose and process of this meeting. Below was a full table, detailing a long list of work assigned at the meeting and its corresponding people, completion date, reviewer, review time and other items, plus the sorting and forwarding person and computer monitoring assessor, which constituted seven elements. Xiao Cheng's name is also in the column of "person", which stipulates that he must complete the statistical summary of all data and form a written report within 2 days, and then submit it to the monitoring examiner as the basis for completing the work after passing the review and signing by the reviewer of the competent department

"if the implementation result of this work is not passed at the time of review, it will still be assessed as not completing the work on time. So who dares to take it lightly in the handling process?" Xiao Cheng said, "after this, I deeply realize that if a task is defined with seven elements, assigned to people and implemented vigorously, there is no reason not to complete it quickly and well!"

in our impression, the minutes of the meeting is a kind of overused official document style, which is full of large paragraphs of empty words and idioms, and the words are procrastinating, which has little practical significance. However, it has come into the hands of oaks managers, and new changes have taken place in its purpose, form and writing style, reflecting a simple, pragmatic and standardized management style. Therefore, the first story of this article, the first "weapon", more specifically, should be innovation. Only through innovation can we turn corruption into magic and transform an official document into a powerful management "weapon"

work contact list - soft sword

work contact list is applicable to the work distribution between two departments or individuals with similar status in the company. The acceptance process of tasks is equal, friendly and non mandatory. However, if you refuse to accept it or fail to do it within the time limit, it will show its tough side of softness and hardness. This makes the work contact list very much like a soft sword in a weapon. Once it is used, it will be difficult to parry by turning around and making hundreds of steel

just as few people dare to appreciate the power of the soft sword, the work contact list will not be rejected easily. Because in addition to printing the name of the contacted department, the name of the Department filling in the form, contact matters, handling opinions and other filling items on the form, it also emphasizes that no contacted department can refuse to handle the work contact form. If you refuse, you must indicate the words "the work is not within the scope of the Department" in the column of "handling opinions". If it is neither handled nor noted, the filling department can complain to the superior department

Xiao Wei of the Technology Department of the company received a work contact list from the development department, asking him to provide a technical assistance within three days. Xiao Wei said that the reason why he promised to take over the work was not just that he was worried about complaints if he did not do so, But "there will always be work connections between the departments of the company, that is, there will always be some work that can be completed with the assistance of other departments. Today, the technology department will contact me for work, and tomorrow I may also have work that needs their cooperation. This cooperation is mutual, and the purpose is to jointly run the company's affairs!"

therefore, the second "weapon" mentioned in this article is not a work contact list, but collaboration. In an enterprise that advocates the spirit of cooperation, many complex and extensive work can always be solved smoothly through the joint participation and active cooperation of relevant departments with serious oil leakage in the oil circuit system or oil pipe rupture. The so-called "when people are united, Mount Tai moves", the power of cooperation is so great

personnel quality awareness test method - concealed weapons

among many "management tools" in Oakes, the personnel quality management test method seems to belong to the category of concealed weapons. Its strength lies in that you do not know in advance when the "concealed weapons" will "hit 2. Specify the friction coefficient", nor do you know how many they are and in what form they will appear -

last month, When inspecting a batch of outsourced parts, Xiao Chen, the quality inspector of aux, found two nonconforming products with small defects from a large number of components. Only later did Xiao Chen know that he had successfully passed a test of personnel quality awareness test method

the implementation process of the personnel quality awareness test method is as follows: the company irregularly finds some unqualified products with no obvious quality defects, writes down the number or marks, and mixes them into a large number of similar products to see whether the employees can check them in time and in full. Those employees who do not have a strong sense of quality and do not work carefully often find it difficult to get high scores when they encounter such "examinations" that are not greeted in advance and may be held anytime, anywhere. Therefore, there is only one way to withstand the test of "hidden weapons", that is to maintain a high degree of vigilance at all times in the work, "do not accept unqualified products from the previous process, and do not pass unqualified products to the next process"

"three analyses and three don't let go" activity - Serial artillery

how can we thoroughly solve the product quality problems or management defects exposed in the enterprise? The unique skill of oaks group is to sacrifice the "serial gun" -- three analysis, three don't let go of the activity, one "bang" to the end, so that the final result will come out and show results

recently, a batch of oaks air conditioners produced by the company was found to have poor consistency of compressor piping. The company then summoned relevant functional departments and people to deeply analyze the harmfulness of this quality problem, so that everyone can fully realize that once the unqualified products leave the factory, they will not only have a huge negative impact on the enterprise, but also damage the interests of users. Next, analyze the causes of poor piping consistency, trace back at all levels, clarify the quality information, and identify loopholes; On this basis, analyze the measures that should be taken, and implement them immediately after being reviewed and approved by the technology department, so as to improve the deficiencies in time. The whole process of the activity truly achieved the goal of "never let go of the reasons that have not been identified, the quality that has not been clarified, and the corrective measures that have not been implemented." In one fell swoop, the qualified rate of finished product spot check reached 100%

the "three analysis and three don't let go" activity is also used to treat some "chronic diseases" in management. Its most prominent feature is meticulous. From the above example, we can see that the whole implementation process is progressive and linked, with the continuous follow-up and strong attack power of the "serial artillery", so that the treatment of problems will not float on the surface or give up halfway

love Award - long life lock

in oaks, the automatic turnover rate of backbone management and technical personnel is low every year. The reason is that on the one hand, oaks pays attention to people-oriented management, gives talents full respect and good growth space, and on the other hand, creates a "long life lock" with high treatment, which eventually forms a community of economic interests between enterprises and employees

the treatment of employees in oaks is generally not low. In order to make employees feel that "the good play is still ahead", the company has also taken additional incentive measures: it is stipulated that all backbone employees who have worked in oaks for more than one year can receive a "love Award" in the name of the president of the group at the same time when the year-end award is issued, in recognition of their contributions to the enterprise. The higher the service years of employees in oaks, the greater the cumulative number of love awards. For example, in 2002, the highest amount of love award given by the company to employees was as high as 300000 yuan

however, there is a prerequisite for receiving the love Award: employees must perform well in their own work, be honest and do things conscientiously, and do not violate the company's integrity regulations. Of course, the most critical thing is not to "leave halfway". Therefore, the love award is like a "long-life lock", which can not only keep employees' hearts, but also "tie" their feet when trying to change jobs

work plan, summary - ruler

Oakes has been committed to establishing a new management model that changes constraint management into incentive and loose management, so as to strengthen and enhance employees' awareness of independent management. However, a tool is also needed to measure the efficiency and quality of employees. Work plan and work summary can be regarded as a good "ruler"

like the directors of other departments of oaks, Mr. Li Xiaolong, the manager of air conditioning marketing department, will report an annual work plan of himself and his department to the president of the company every year before the arrival of the new sales year, so as to keep the work of his department consistent with the overall development goals and strategic ideas of the enterprise; Then, before the 25th of each month, determine the monthly work plan of the next month, set the work objectives of the month, and clarify the work ideas and directions; At the end of a month, he will start to prepare a "work summary", comprehensively and systematically review the previous work, truthfully report the problems and defects in the work, and put forward corrective measures on the basis of in-depth analysis and reflection, so as to better carry out the next work. At the same time, every employee of the electricity meter sales department is also required to submit the work plan and work summary regularly

significance of work plan and work summary

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