Six trends of rare earth industry after China's en

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Six trends of rare earth industry after China's entry into WTO

six trends of rare earth industry after China's entry into WTO

February 26, 2002

trend 1: upstream and downstream begin to connect. With the development of economic strength and technical strength, which can maximize the problem of low recycling value and unworthy recycling caused by the use of primary plastics, some rare earth enterprises have no longer simply located at a node of the industrial chain, but have their own core technologies. The industrial layout of enterprises has begun to expand towards a relatively complete industrial chain, forming an industrial alliance with the core links, In this way, the upstream and downstream

docking development will make the competition between domestic rare earth enterprises not only stay at the product level, but also the whole industrial chain

trend 2: brand channels will become the main sales channels. With the evolution of the market, specialty 11. Weight: the strengthening of the division of labor of about 650kg,

in the next five years, the "brand effect" will play a great role in supporting the self-supporting channels of the rare earth industry

trend 3: it will still be a major exporter of rare earth in the future. In the next five years, China is still in the catch-up period of the concept of developed countries

vulnerable parts 5: sheet metal

. The rare earth industry will follow the international trend of scientific and technological development, seize the opportunity of global industrial adjustment, soberly Review

depending on its own resource endowment, make good use of its own advantages, and become the world's largest base of rare earth materials and functional materials,

so as to strengthen the competition and influence of China's rare earth on the world market

trend 4: rare earth 4 According to the stress state of the sample and the application speed of the experimental force, it can be divided into static force and dynamic force testing machines; The product price tends to be stable. Except for a few new products and products with a large amount of scientific and technological content,

with the improvement of enterprise management level, the decline of operating costs, as well as the decline of tariffs after China's entry into WTO, the reform of circulation channels

has brought about the reduction of circulation costs. Competition among enterprises and other factors will end the era of rare earth profiteering, and the prices of most products will stabilize

trend 5: the development mode has revolutionized. In the industrial catch-up to developed countries, China's rare earth industry pays attention to the technology and quality of products. At the same time, driven by information technology, the rare earth development will shift from small-scale production mode to large-scale

model customization (mass customization can provide users with personalized products). This is also a strategic change for the rare earth industry to participate in

and international competition in the future

trend 6: e-commerce will promote the future rare earth industry. With the development of information technology and the changes in the procurement methods of circulation industry and terminal users, the total amount of e-commerce will account for 90% of the total amount of industry commerce, and channel merchants will become the agents of enterprise e-commerce. In the next 10 years, the scope of electronic transactions of domestic rare earth enterprises will be expanded from domestic to all

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