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Six points to pay attention to when selecting door locks

the following points should be paid attention to when selecting door locks:

1 Pay attention to the direction of the lock. The door lock has left door lock and right door lock. Pay attention to the direction of the lock and the direction of the door opening

2. Pay attention to the thickness of door frame and door. The thickness of the door frame is different, and the specification of the latch is also different. The door lock should also match the thickness of the door. In addition, if you choose ball lock or handle lock for door lock, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the handle. Don't put your hand on the burglar proof door to prevent it from closing

China's new material industry is large but not strong

3 Pay attention to the weight of the lock. Weigh it by hand. The heavier the lock, the thicker the material used in the lock cylinder and the more wear-resistant it is. The lock with thin material is easy to be damaged

it is scattered in 6 categories of new materials classified by the state, including special metal functional materials, high-end metal structural materials, advanced high molecular materials, new inorganic non-metallic materials, high-performance composites, and cutting-edge new materials. 4 Pay attention to the surface finish of the lock. Check whether the surface of the lock is fine and smooth, and whether there are spots

5. Pay attention to the sensitivity of the lock. Repeat, i.e. open with an accuracy of 0.5-1%, and check the sensitivity of the lock cylinder spring. You can also judge its quality by the sound of unlocking

6. The style of the lock should be consistent with that of the door. The lock should be in harmony with the shape, color and style of the door, and should also be consistent with the decoration of the whole room for the inspection organization

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