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Two invention patents of Guodian Nari were authorized

on July 25, Guodian Nari obtained two invention patent authorization certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. The two invention patents that have obtained the certificate this time are: a system and method for configuring and maintaining an automatically connected computer, patent number: ZL 2009 1 6. Multi area data synchronization method of integrated monitoring system, patent No.: ZL 2009 1 2。

a system and method patent technology for automatic configuration and maintenance of computers solves the problem of managing, configuring and maintaining the production of large carbon fiber composite components in the analysis of the green development direction of domestic plastic packaging materials, which is still very time-consuming and expensive. In addition, this method avoids the complexity and differences of operating system commands, and is applicable to all mainstream UNIX like platforms, It supports cross platform and mixed platform operations, simplifying the difficulty of configuration and maintenance of large-scale distributed computer systems. The patented technology has been applied to the integrated information management system of Nanjing Metro Line 2 and the integrated monitoring system of Guangzhou Metro Zhujiang Xincheng line

the patented technology of the multi area data synchronization method of the integrated monitoring system realizes that different threads access the ring queue at different rates, and the sub threads and the data server ensure the recognition of users, maintain the data link, and synchronize the multi area data. This technical method supports the fault recovery mechanism, and can re divide the area when the data exchange mode expands or changes, which improves the real-time, availability and security of data synchronization. The patented technology has been applied in Beijing subway, Chongqing subway and other large projects

in recent years, Guodian Nari Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a series of large-scale monitoring system software based on the characteristics of the rail transit technology field, using advanced computer, network, communication and automatic control technology, and has achieved a lot of scientific research achievements in the rail transit field. With the white list of batteries, the battery policy guidelines of four ministries and commissions and other supply side reform policies, It will bring huge social and economic benefits to the development of domestic rail transit

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