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Six plastic processing enterprises that pollute the environment in Zhenjiang new area are strongly closed, and the sewage from six plastic processing plants is directly discharged to pollute the environment, and the surrounding villagers complain incessantly. Recently, the Environmental Protection Institute of Yaoqiao Town, Zhenjiang New Area, jointly constructed, urban management, public security and other departments, forcibly shut down six plastic particle processing plants in the area according to law, and returned the good students of the villagers. Finally, the results of the experiment were displayed or printed out to the living environment

according to the survey, composite materials are composed of a variety of materials with different properties. Yao Qiao is welcome to call us. None of the six plastic particle processing plants has business license, tax registration and environmental protection approval procedures. Inside and outside the factory, there are mountains of waste plastic woven bags. In the simple shed, there are some simple and shabby cleaning, crushing and production machines, and the surrounding environment is filthy. These factories only process plastic particles with simple equipment, and the direct discharge of sewage has caused serious pollution to the environment, affecting the production and life of surrounding villagers

Yaoqiao town has repeatedly called the departments of environmental protection, industry and commerce, electric power and other departments to study the measures to rectify the pollution problems of waste plastic processing enterprises. The environmental protection department has also repeatedly visited the site and ordered the enterprises to stop production within a time limit and clean up by themselves. These enterprises are required not to enter raw materials and dismantle equipment by themselves. However, with a fluke mentality, the owners continue to produce and pollute the environment

in this joint law enforcement, the relevant departments took compulsory demolition measures against the six plastic particle processing plants that did not stop production as required or the equipment was not dismantled by themselves. At the scene, law enforcement officers unloaded the electricity meters one by one, completely cut off power, and used construction machinery to destroy production facilities such as equipment

the villagers applauded the forced closure of six illegal enterprises. They said they would take the initiative to supervise in the future and report problems in a timely manner

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