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Overview of classification of food packaging machinery

there are many kinds of food packaging machinery, and there are many classification methods. From different points of view, there are many kinds. According to the product state, there are liquid, block and granular packaging machines; According to the function of packaging, there are "inner packaging and outer packaging" machines; According to the packaging industry, there are food, daily chemical, textile and other packaging machines; According to the packaging station, there are single station and multi station packaging machines; According to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic and full-automatic packaging machines. There are many classification methods of packaging machinery. Each classification method has its own characteristics and scope of application, but it has its limitations. From the general situation of packaging machinery in the world, the plastic industry in Changping Town of comparative science is classified according to its main functions based on engineering plastics and modified plastics, which can grasp the essence of things. Its basic classification is as follows:

(1) filling machine

filling machine is a packaging machine that loads a precise amount of packaging into various containers. The main types are: volumetric filling machine, weighing filling machine and counting filling machine

(2) sealing machine

sealing machine is a machine that seals containers filled with packaging. Its main types include: sealing machine without sealing material, sealing machine with sealing material, and sealing machine with auxiliary sealing material

(3) wrapping machine

wrapping machine is a packaging machine that uses flexible packaging materials, all ----- Professor Tong Lisheng/Director Department of the University of Wisconsin or partially wraps the packaging. The main types are: full wrapping wrapping machine,

semi wrapping machine

(4) multifunctional packaging machine

this kind of packaging machine has two or more functions. Its main types are: filling and sealing. This product can meet the requirements of low odor at the same time. Mouth machine, molding filling and sealing machine, stereotyped filling and sealing machine, double-sided sealing machine

(5) type I sealing machine and type H sealing machine are classified according to the position and number of tapes sealed

(6) general sealing machine, special sealing machine and random sealing machine are classified according to the degree of specialization

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