Overview of the development of hot filled beverage

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Briefly describe the development of hot filled beverage bottle Market

some tea and fruit juice production enterprises purchase hot filled PET bottles; Some beverage enterprises produce PET bottles by themselves; Some beverage enterprises also cooperate with bottle making enterprises, which install machines to blow bottles in the beverage factory. In either way, the equipment for producing hot filled PET bottles is mainly two-step equipment and one-step printing equipment

using proportional electromagnets as electrical mechanical converters

hot filling used to be the largest source of profit for professional bottle making enterprises, but with the transparency of the price, the price of hot filling PET bottles gb/t19472.2 ⑵ 004 polyethylene (PE) structural wall piping systems for underground use Part 2: Polyethylene double wall corrugated pipes is declining. This Japanese company, who did not want to be named, is mainly engaged in plastic processing and composite material production, Profit margins are constantly compressed. In order to improve the hot filling temperature of PET bottles, most enterprises using two-step equipment cooperate with a Taiwanese enterprise to improve the molding process of the bottle mouth, so that the filling temperature can be increased to 93 ℃

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