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Overview of the current situation of domestic inkjet production

as we all know, China's Inkjet market is messy, and the reason for this is mainly due to the emergence of domestic machines. In the past, the operation of equipment was relatively normal because imported equipment accounted for the main position, while imported equipment was relatively strict and formal in terms of quality, channel maintenance and service assurance, which could not only ensure the profits of dealers, but also ensure normal after-sales service. After the domestic machine came out, it was continuously improved under the continuous test and use of the market. After several years of ups and downs, it has been continuously improved in technology, process, quality and use. With the continuous improvement of the quality of domestic machines and the continuous decline of the price, imported machines are forced to reduce the price to meet the market demand. In this way, the profit decreases, and the funds for after-sales service cannot be guaranteed. At present, imported machines can only withdraw from the domestic market one after another. At present, many imported brands have withdrawn from the mainland market, and a lower pressure plate is placed on the workbench, leaving only a branch office to observe the changes in the domestic market

China is a developing country with 9.6 million square kilometers and 1.3 billion people. With the great situation of reform and opening up, its economic development speed has recorded a groundbreaking page in world history. Rapid economic development. With the diversification of products and brands, advertising costs are also on the rise. Although the current price of the advertising spray painting production industry has fallen sharply, and the profits have also followed the rapid decline, the demand for spray painting equipment has not been affected at all. It can be seen that many spray painting manufacturers are still optimistic about the future of the bank. Indeed, China's accession to the WTO, the world advertising festival in 2004, the 2008 Olympic Games and other good news have given a shot in the arm to the domestic advertising industry, Many powerful and far sighted businesses are sharpening their hands to lay a solid foundation for a better future. With the progress of science and technology, it is urgent to update and expand equipment. Without progress, it is easy to fall behind and be beaten

the prospect of the inkjet industry is promising, and the competition between many domestic manufacturers and equipment suppliers is also increasingly fierce. Due to the increase of products of the same type and the intensification of competition, the price war has emerged first, which is particularly prominent in various equipment exhibitions. No matter big or small, domestic brands or imported brands are also subject to the severe test of the market. Price competition leads to the continuous reduction of profits, and sometimes even the profits of large spray machines selling more than 100000 yuan are only a few thousand yuan. Such operation makes some manufacturers or agents who lack strength unable to guarantee the funds for after-sales service. In addition, some domestic brand machines are not checked, especially to make full use of the intellectual resources advantages of the academicians and experts of the Chinese Academy of engineering. The phenomena of nozzle damage, plate burning and so on occur from time to time, Some manufacturers have adopted immature technologies applied abroad, resulting in serious losses in user operations. In 2003, there were many lawsuits and disputes between users and equipment manufacturers, during which who is right and who is wrong, and how can it be explained by a word or two. In the advertising equipment industry, the state does not seem to have much intervention in the equipment operation market, and there are no written regulations on price, after-sales service, warranty regulations, machine quality, etc. As a result, it is the users who suffer the most in the end, so it is more difficult for customers who intend to invest in equipment now, even in the face of many businesses. To sum up, there are mainly the following factors:

some manufacturers and suppliers who lack industry ethics fish in troubled waters in the market and are difficult to identify. Some time ago, there was a surge in equipment sales, which made some jealous people eager to come in and want to take a share, but the fact was not satisfactory. Immature technology, inadequate funds and other phenomena led to the inability to operate, and even the company closed down. The customers who bought the equipment from them wanted to cry, the service was gone, the warranty was gone, and the machine went wrong again, so they had to spend money on warranty to other companies. Such phenomena are everywhere, It adds a sense of fear to customers. Investors should use rational vision to distinguish and choose powerful suppliers, and do not simply take the price as the basis for equipment investment selection

there are many brands of similar products with similar technology, and the quality is difficult to distinguish. With the maturity of domestic painting technology, domestic equipment has been continuously improved. Some equipment suppliers with rich technical experience have also launched their own brand equipment according to market demand, which has different characteristics in technology or design. Investors should choose according to their own needs

prices are disorderly, and similar products also have great differences. Some domestic manufacturers have not done enough to protect the price, and the prices of machines of the same brand and model vary greatly under different dealers. There are great differences in the price of equipment of the same type and different brands, and there are also differences in the price of machines of the same brand. It teaches customers how to identify and choose, and how to be not afraid of being cheated

the price fell too frequently, and I was worried about operating losses. Some time ago, there was fierce price competition among machines of various brands. There were many examples of some machines falling from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, from millions to more than a million. Customers who bought at high prices complained, and the income from long-term painstaking operation can only compensate for the price reduction of machines. But judging from the current equipment price, the price has fallen to a relatively stable range

there are more competitors, and the operating profit has decreased. I believe everyone also has a consensus on the decline in the price of inkjet painting. The profit has decreased, but the number of merchants investing in equipment has not decreased. There are natural reasons. First, it is reflected in the decline in the price of ink consumables, second, it is reflected in the improvement of machine quality, less waste and low maintenance cost, and third, it is reflected in the increase in the replacement frequency and quantity of customers using inkjet painting, that is, the quantity of inkjet painting has increased, and the market demand has expanded

since the prospect of inkjet painting is optimistic, and there are all kinds of bad phenomena mentioned above, as a manufacturer of equipment. How should suppliers and businesses investing in inkjet painting face the current turbulent market

first of all, as a manufacturer of equipment, we should strictly check the delivery inspection of equipment, first, reduce customer complaints and repair costs, second, it is extremely important to establish the brand, and third, it is an important factor to determine its sales. If there are many problems with the equipment, even the dealers will lose confidence in it. In the market environment of intense competition, manufacturers should be more strict with internal equipment production, communicate more with dealers, and provide more support and help, because dealers face users directly, are the recipients of the first market intelligence, and are also an important source of sales. They need mutual trust and mutual benefit, which is the key factor to win the market. Unity is strength, This is a well-known truth, otherwise, it is still yourself who will suffer in the end. At present, some manufacturers in the market still have harsh and inhuman requirements for their dealers, thinking that they can firmly grasp both dealers and customers in the palm of their hands. We should know that dealers have to spend a lot of time and effort facing users. If they also spend a lot of time and effort facing manufacturers, the result can only be that dealers choose to give up to manufacturers and often change the brand products of dealers and agents, Users' attitude towards it is absolutely distrustful, and the ultimate victim can only be the manufacturer itself. Some manufacturers just blindly build brands and spend a lot of manpower and material resources on publicity. The result is half the effort with twice the effort, because every place has different customs and habits, and not everyone can accept your views and image. The best publicity tool is the dealer. The dealer deliberately improves his innovation ability. He knows the local situation like the palm of his hand, and his publicity will get twice the result with half the effort. Of course, you need to choose a dealer with strength and reputation

secondly, as suppliers, dealers and agents of equipment, in the face of fierce peer competition, simply using price as a means of competition is a vicious circle. Suppliers do not have a certain amount of profits, and any after-sales service commitment can only be empty words. The operation of the company should first adjust the internal operation of the company, improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. We should face the competition among peers with a fair, true and honest attitude. Blindly criticizing our competitors will only disgust customers. It is the best policy to solve problems and provide practical solutions for customers from the perspective of moderation. Be realistic when selling machines and be honest when providing after-sales services

with the continuous progress of society and the continuous updating of science and technology, it is believed that the prospect of domestic advertising spray painting production industry will be more brilliant. The brutal market competition must be followed by the law of the jungle, and some of them are illegal. Incompetent businesses should withdraw from this industry circle. At that time, there will be better and better quality equipment to serve the public, and the service of suppliers will be more timely and perfect

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