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Overview of the current situation and development trend of the global printing industry (III)

in addition to the above factors, the printing industry is also affected by many external factors

I. related peripheral factors:

1. Advertising

advertising companies often choose media for their agents and customers to publicize. Therefore, it is necessary for advertising companies to deepen their understanding of the powerful functions of print media. This work falls on the printing industry, but frankly speaking, we are still not doing enough. At present, the American Printing Industry Association has begun to make a difference in this area. With the support of other organizations, they have established a special printing Council to promote the society to make more use of printing media

2. Creative designers

should let these people know clearly what printing can do, and will the cost drop! Are there any new or special processes, such as metal foil printing, embossing, die cutting, etc

3. publishers

in addition to publishing paper-based print media, publishers can also publish on Internet, television, Evonik has developed a kind of polyamide (PA) 12 powder and other media. Therefore, printers are obliged to provide these publishers with high-quality services to retain customers

4. Home office

whether in developed or developing countries, home office has become a business model that affects the future of the printing industry. Through computers and networks, home office is the same as working in the company. And no matter where you are, you can do your work efficiently. As professional businessmen, home office also needs printing. They often complete it through Internet or find a nearby printing factory. Printing enterprises must realize this and provide them with convenient service methods so that they can easily find you

5. Self Publishing

due to the popularity of computers and the application of powerful graphic processing software, there are some potential author groups. Printers should do something mutually beneficial to make self publishing simple and easy

second, alternative media:

another factor affecting printing is alternative media. In the past few decades, when loading the electronic tensile testing machine, the media that people can choose has become diverse. Nowadays, people can use various ways to convey information more accurately, and the print media must respond to this

1. Internet

is an extremely wide range of media, which can reach any corner of the world, and search engines provide people with a fast and accurate way to find

its powerful function makes the readership of print media decrease day by day, and even the reference books in the library are less and less read. Information storage has become dependent on the Internet, and it is easier and easier to obtain this information, so the competition for print media is becoming more and more intense

2. TV

in addition to its fast transmission speed, TV also has strong visibility, which is more attractive to young people than print media. But at the same time, we also see that the prospect of TV is not all brilliant. In developed areas, satellite and cable TV technology provide people with a large number of channels, which makes it difficult for people to choose

, and it is becoming more and more difficult for advertisers to use TV to achieve publicity purposes at a certain time. In addition, the popularity of some new digital video recording methods (such as two) allows users to filter out advertisements at will. As a result, some advertisements began to rely on print media again to achieve their publicity effect

3. Radio

although some people predict that the emergence of television will make radio stations disappear, this is not the case. In fact, there are more radio stations now than before. This further proves that no media will disappear, but they will publish advertising information more intensively, accurately and effectively

4. Email

the popularity of email just shows that if I find that the pressure is not enough, we live in an era of rapid communication. We need e-mail as a way of rapid communication. The traditional postal industry can't do this, so its business volume has been reduced

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