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Overview of the current situation of Henan glass bottle industry

Henan Province is a major producer of daily-use glass, and its output scale now ranks fifth in the country. There are more than 50 daily-use glass enterprises above the scale, plus 50 other related production enterprises such as fused zirconium corundum, a total of more than 100; The annual production capacity of daily-use glass is 1.5 million tons. Kaifeng, Puyang, Zhengzhou and Linzhou, the four regions and cities in our province's glass concentrated production areas, account for 90% of the province's output, including 500000 tons in Puyang, 300000 tons in Kaifeng, 400000 tons in Linzhou, 50000 tons in Zhengzhou and 250000 tons in others; 470000 tons were completed in the first half of the year, including 130000 tons in Kaifeng, 170000 tons in Puyang, 100000 tons in Linzhou and 20000 tons in Zhengzhou; 50000 tons in other cities

in 2008, the province completed 56 Baijiu production. 90000 tons, 2.8 million tons of beer (381.89 of the National Bureau of Statistics), which increased day by day in 2008. Compared with 2007, the output of Baijiu increased. The wine bottle industry and wine production in the province are basically balanced and self-sufficient. Due to the current situation of Henan wine industry, high-end wine bottles in Henan have entered outside the province

the industrial pattern of daily-use glass industry in our province. Kaifeng is dominated by Juli Glass Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou is dominated by Huaxing Group. Both enterprises are established or restructured on the basis of state-owned enterprises to occupy the market by scale. The products are mainly traditional wine bottles and infusion glass bottles. Puyang mainly focuses on pulling tubes. The products include solar tubes, pharmaceutical glass tubes, ampoules, fluorescent tubes, Christmas tubes and finished products, It is a glass industry gathering area jointly supported by foreign merchants and local manufacturers. Linzhou is a production area spontaneously formed by local private enterprises. Its main products are cans of pickles, cosmetics, perfume and some wine bottles

according to the current situation, each enterprise has its own development methods. For example, the production scale of Kaifeng Juli Glass Co., Ltd. has increased year by year and achieved great development. This year, Gushi County signed a contract to build a production line with an annual output of 80000 tons, and Juli Glass Co., Ltd. ranks first in the glass industry in the province; Zhengzhou glass factory and Guangdong Huaxing jointly introduced advanced management and production technology, which effectively improved the production efficiency and technical level of Zhengzhou glass, and reached a benign development towards the five major engineering plastics; Puyang is an emerging glass producing area. Since the 1990s, Puyang has attracted investors outside the province because of its unique natural gas resources, and gradually formed a complete variety of glass industry cluster; Linzhou is rich in quartz, so it has developed into an industry with cans as the main product. Xinmi has formed a refractory production area for kilns because of its unique refractory resources. Fused zirconia corundum has developed rapidly in recent years, and its quality has been continuously improved

industry highlights:

first, the large-scale benefits of Juli glass are obvious. The energy-saving transformation project of glass industry kilns has received 10.49 million national capital support, attracting the attention of the whole province, and the energy-saving technology industry is leading

II. Puyang lino group's electric melting glass furnace and tube drawing technology are leading in China. The furnace bottom heating and melting technology has made revolutionary progress in furnace energy saving

III. Huaxing adopts the 5S management system, and its management level is in the leading position in China, which has effectively improved labor productivity and greatly improved the living standards of employees

IV. The total output of fused zirconium corundum used in Xinmi glass kiln accounts for 40% of the country, which has made a great contribution to the industry and is showing a better and better situation

the important reasons for the rapid development of Henan Province in recent years are as follows: first, thanks to the national reform and opening-up policy, the glass industry has benefited from vigorously encouraging the private economy; Second, thanks to scientific and technological progress, Henan daily-use glass industry kiln energy conservation, melting and other production technologies have been greatly improved. Third, the efforts of colleagues in the glass industry and the leading and promoting role of industry associations

in terms of development mode, economies of scale are dominant, and technological innovation and scientific and technological progress account for a considerable proportion. The technological progress is mainly reflected in the furnace melting technology, such as Kaifeng Juli's melting rate improvement technology, Puyang furnace bottom heating technology, which not only saves energy by not connecting the plugs and sockets of heating equipment, but also improves product quality, improves competitiveness, and achieves good benefits. It has also received national funding support, and Puyang furnace bottom heating technology has made revolutionary progress. Xinmi fused zirconia corundum technology has made considerable progress, It is in a high position in China


first, the equipment is aging, and the products are not neat, exquisite and high-end

second, the traditional industry, the product technology content is not high, the profit space is too small, the improvement of the industry staff life is limited

third, the publicity is not enough, the industry has limited attention in the province, such as the B-shaped bottle problem, some glass materials should be comprehensively inspected and tested at this time, and the health hazards of substitutes should be tested. Of course, chairman Meng led you to do a lot of work beneficial to the industry in publicity and other aspects after coming to the association. It is obvious to all, and you are also very grateful

some ideas for the development of the industry:

first, transform traditional industries with high and new technology and change the mode of industrial economic growth

second, in response to the national call to vigorously develop low-carbon economy and promote comprehensive utilization, can glass packaging increase artistry, in addition to Bayer's strong performance? The material technology plan has entered the stock market. In addition to being practical, plus being ornamental, can it increase profits

III. promote the technical upgrading of short and lightweight glass bottles around the small upgrading of the wine industry

IV. cooperate with colleges and universities to strengthen the design work, combine practicality with art, make the glass enter people's living space beautifully, and put our glass into different new fields. China Daily Glass Association has begun this work, which is very good. I hope that under the leadership of President Meng, the association will achieve great development

v. taking energy conservation and emission reduction and promoting industry progress as the starting point, formulate and implement industry access system, encourage intensive production and eliminate backward production capacity

VI. strengthen industrial exchanges and exchanges in related industries, broaden employment opportunities, optimize product structure, and enrich industrial content, such as whether high-value crystals, jewelry, heat-resistant glass, rhinestones, sulfur glasses, etc. can be tried. Do a good job in the work of the association and its own development. The association is a very important link in the industrial system. We should pay attention to it. If the association cannot protect itself, there will be problems in this link. If there are problems in this link, it will affect the operation of the whole machine. I hope leaders at all levels will pay more attention to it

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