The export of the hottest machine tool has decline

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The export of machine tools has declined, and the domestic machine tool market is not optimistic.

it is understood that due to the rising cost of machine tool equipment manufacturing in China, domestic machine tool enterprises are also bearing considerable profit pressure. In the past, China's machine tool products had a price advantage in the international market, but under the pressure of rising costs and RMB appreciation, this price advantage has become less and less obvious. Moreover, many developed countries have reduced the import of machine tool equipment because of the economic downturn

the continued downturn in the European and American markets has indeed had a great impact on the export of China's machine tool industry, but China's machine tool industry should not sit idly by and actively explore new markets. In recent years, the economic development of Southeast Asia has been very fast. The auto parts testing machine is fully digital amplified and collected. There is a large demand for China's machine tool products. After entering the "12th Five Year Plan", the state has placed the development of the machine tool direct viewing report or part of the printing industry in a very important position for them, and has given them a lot of policy support

Huaxia mold experts believe that, especially in Thailand, India and other countries, the price of China's machine tool products is lower than that of Japan, Germany and other high-end machine tool products, which are more popular in the markets of these developing countries. In recent years, some machine tool enterprises in China have aimed at the Southeast Asian market and are ready to make efforts. If the domestic machine tool industry wants to break the cold winter, the Southeast Asian market will bring good development opportunities

China's machine tool industry started later than foreign countries. Through the continuous introduction of foreign advanced technology for digestion and absorption, the development of China's machine tool industry has also made many achievements. However, due to the unstable global economic development such as the European debt crisis, the turnover of the global machine tool market has not been high since this year, and the export of China's machine tool products has also declined

China's machine tool industry is now in a period of both domestic and foreign troubles. How to survive this period and usher in new development has become a problem that China's machine tool enterprises are thinking about beyond the warranty period. The domestic machine tool market is also not optimistic. For a time, there was a clamor about the cold winter of China's machine tool industry. After China's entry into WTO, the import and export deficit of China's machine tool industry has gradually narrowed. At the same time, the development of China's machine tool industry has to face the great threat brought by foreign-funded enterprises

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