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Founder valve: the export of foreign trade is firmly in the forefront of the city

through trials and tribulations, 30 years of brilliance, integrity, founder, and gratitude all the way to success! This is the best summary of the development of Zhejiang founder Valve Group Co., Ltd. in the past 30 years. In the past 30 years, for an enterprise, it has been neither long nor short. Founder has realized its commitment with strength, won trust with commitment, and grasped the future with trust

through trials and tribulations, 30 years of glory, integrity and integrity, and gratitude for success all the way! This is the best summary of Zhejiang founder Valve Group Co., Ltd. for the development in the past 30 years. In the past 30 years, for an enterprise, it has been neither long nor short. Founder has realized its commitment with strength, won trust with commitment, and grasped the future with trust

quality wins the development of the enterprise

go into founder. The 10 word motto "honest and enterprising strange materials that change the world, humility, unity, diligence and frugality" has deeply attracted the attention of the company. Among them, "humility" makes the company have more expectations and reveries. "This is our attitude towards products, companies and peers." Wangyitong, general manager of the company (figure of pump and valve), said that for many valve companies with a history of more than 100 years, founder is like the sun in the morning. The rising sun rises in the East. Today, we should introduce the WDW (2) 0 microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine for thermal insulation materials produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to learn from our peers and win the trust of customers with a humble style

"compared with many large foreign enterprises, founder still has many shortcomings." Wangyitong said that founder has been committed to valve manufacturing for 30 years, and has never thought of developing to other industries. With high-quality products, excellent services and innovative technologies, founder strives for its own space in the market

"accurate positioning is the key to founder's development." At present, fangzheng takes the valves required for oil refining, exploitation and transportation as its main products and takes the project engineering as its goal. I remember that Founder's first project was in India. It started from scratch, learned experience and technology from Japan, Singapore and other countries, developed and expanded step by step, and has been in the forefront of the city's foreign trade exports for a long time

founder has successively introduced nearly 400 sets of precision machining equipment such as advanced modern machining center CNC machine tools, CNC boring and milling machines and metal heat treatment equipment, and reasonably allocated the group's financial, material and human resources through the independently developed ERP system, so that the product cost can be optimized and controlled, so that the products can be more closely integrated with the market, and equipped with advanced testing equipment and strict testing methods, The products of founder have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad

foreign trade and domestic sales go hand in hand

1983 founder, founded in 1983, is riding on the momentum with its attitude after 30 years of honing. The first 10 years were the starting period of founder, the year was the capital accumulation period of founder, and the period from 2004 to now is the real development period of founder. From the sales of more than 5million yuan in 1997 to 160million yuan last year, founder keeps pace with the market and is in line with international standards, creating a road suitable for its own development

since 2003, founder has smelled the bright prospect of lithium titanate as cathode material for foreign trade export, and began to focus on foreign trade export. "In foreign countries, founder's products can still be recognized by peers." Wangyitong said that at that time, seeing the economic environment and the needs of the market, the company decisively determined its own development direction and became a leader in the industry

since its founding, Founder Group has made product technology innovation the top priority of the company's strategic development, and has successively won the innovation fund of the Ministry of technology and the technological progress award. The pressure balanced hard seal plug valve, self-lubricating hard seal plug valve, soft and hard double seal mud valve, long-distance pipeline ball valve, long-distance pipeline plug valve, pipeline cleaner transceiver valve developed by the group have won a number of national new technology patents

starting from this year, founder will also develop in multiple directions. Domestic sales and export sales will compete to make founder's brand bigger, stronger and better. "Since 2005, we have been doing research on low-temperature valves." For the new growth point in the future, wangyitong has his own ideas and expectations. After years of research and development, founder has its own unique things for low-temperature valves. It is believed that the sales of low-temperature valves of founder will account for 30% of the total sales in the coming years

founder, just like its name, is doing business and promoting development. We are looking forward to a better future for founder

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