The export of some steel products will be cancelle

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From december1,2008, the export tariff of some steel products will be cancelled. From december1,2008, the state will further increase the export tax rebate rate of 3770 products such as some labor-intensive products and mechanical and electrical products, and cancel the export tariff of some steel products, chemicals and grains. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of a steel enterprise disclosed that "some steel" will involve large sections and all plates

Zhang Ping, a joint metals analyst, believes that the cancellation of plate taxation is mainly due to the centralized release of domestic production capacity in the past two years, especially the deterioration of the contradiction between supply and demand of hot rolling. The abolition of tariff on large-scale profiles is mainly because large-scale profiles are still high value-added products. Statistics should not show that such a high tariff of 10% should be levied. "The introduction of policies also has a certain positive effect on stabilizing market confidence." Zhang Ping said. It is reported that the Shanghai plate market has shown signs of rebound yesterday

the introduction of the tax abolition policy will undoubtedly boost the confidence of steel enterprises. WISCO's relevant person in charge told yesterday that WISCO's export volume is not large, but it is mainly plate. Tariff abolition can drive the increase of export volume, but it also depends on the supply and demand situation in the international market. In general, WISCO still focuses on the domestic market. According to insiders of Baosteel Group, 10% - 15% of the group's annual output is used for export, mainly plates. It is obvious that the elimination of tariff can save the cost of engine revolution upgrading, requiring the valve spring to have better fatigue performance and anti relaxation performance under higher working stress, which is conducive to the serious excess capacity and the distortion of the market price mechanism. In the process of operation, one kind of part will reduce wear and increase the benefit in the fourth quarter

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