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The export of paper industry declined, and the inventory of paper products was high. The product series were developing continuously. This week, the paper sector lost the market: this week, the paper sector rose 1.75%, the CSI 300 index rose 2.33% in the same period, and the sector lost 0.58%. The plate has weakened since the end of 2011. Recently, it has gradually rebounded with the market, with obvious cyclical characteristics

this week, the paper price was basically flat, the pulp price fluctuated in a narrow range, and the waste paper price was stable: this week, the coated paper fell slightly by 0.22%, the international coated paper fell by 1.9%, and the price of recycled waste plastics was much cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. The rest of the paper prices were flat; In terms of wood pulp, the domestic pulp price was flat, while the international pulp price NBSK fell slightly by 0.3%; In terms of waste paper, the prices of daily waste and American waste were flat month on month

in April, the output of paper products, import and export decreased, and the inventory period in May was divided: in April, the output of machine-made paper and paperboard increased by 8.18% year-on-year, and decreased by 5.11% month on month, while the increase slowed down at a constant rate for the cupping test and zigzag test; The output of main paper varieties decreased by more than 7.5% month on month. In terms of import and export, the net exports of coated paper, double glue paper and white board decreased by 6.8%, 8.5% and 2.9% month on month respectively. In May, the cultural paper inventory period decreased, while the packaging paper inventory period increased

in 2012, the capacity expansion was strong and the neutral rating of the industry was maintained: We estimated that the total capacity of the industry in 2012 was 119.59 million tons, an increase of 9.5%; The demand was 105.84 million tons, an increase of 6.9%. The production capacity growth rate was greater than the demand growth rate. The industry prosperity may further deteriorate, maintaining the neutral rating of the industry. Among them, the paper types with greater capacity expansion are whiteboard and box board, while the paper is relatively slow. At present, it has been mature and used in many leading enterprises in home appliances, automobiles, cosmetics and other industries

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