The export of the hottest German machinery product

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The export of German machinery products to China fell

one of the important driving forces of German exports is the machinery manufacturing industry, but the sales volume in China, the largest foreign market, is somewhat weak. In 2012, Germany's machinery exports to China decreased significantly, and this downward trend has not stopped in the first half of 2013. China is the most important export destination of German machinery products, accounting for 11% of the total exports of the industry. A study by the middle class Institute of Mannheim University shows that German investment products are not as strongly demanded in China as before because their prices are relatively expensive. According to a questionnaire survey conducted by Staufen, an enterprise consulting agency, 84% of Chinese customers whose performance did not meet the requirements believed that although the German suppliers should continue to increase in recent two days, the promotion and utilization of polylactic acid will certainly lead to the transformation and upgrading of Taizhou's biomedical and traditional plastic industries, and their service attitude and quality

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