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Shaanxi Luonan has joined Hong Kong baiyijia custom cabinet

Luonan County, located in the southeast of Shaanxi Province, belongs to Shangluo city. It is located in the south of Mount Hua, with Huayang pool in the Zhou Dynasty and Huayang County in the Qin Dynasty. It is 108 kilometers away from Xi'an. It is adjacent to Lushi and Lingbao in Henan in the East; It borders Danfeng and Shangzhou in the South; It borders Huaxian county and Lantian County in the West; Adjacent to Huayin and Tongguan in the north, it is known as the "southeast gateway" of Shaanxi. It is the only county in the Yellow River Basin in Shangluo and the "top ten gold medal walnut county" in China. The forest coverage rate is more than 90%. Luonan is the hometown of Chinese characters and one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization

After the founding of the people's Republic of China, Luonan County took agricultural production as the basis of the national economy and took a series of measures to strengthen agriculture by all means. In 1949, the county people's government set up a construction section, which also took charge of agriculture. In 1956, the agriculture, forestry, water and Animal Husbandry Bureau was established, and then the agriculture, forestry, water and animal husbandry were successively divided. In 1979, the Agriculture Bureau was officially established to specialize in agriculture. With the development of agricultural production, county and district agricultural technology extension stations, county seed farms, seed companies, agricultural machinery service stations, agricultural science institutes, pest monitoring stations, edible fungi technology development guidance stations and other institutions have been established to serve agriculture. In 1990, there were 277 agricultural technology cadres in Luonan County, which increased to 320 in 1994

in 2010, the finance of Luonan County realized 33.04 million yuan of comprehensive direct subsidies for agricultural materials, direct subsidies for grain, subsidies for mulched corn, and subsidies for improved varieties; The sown area of grain crops increased, with a sown area of 787907 mu, an increase of 15752 Mu over 2009, an increase of 2%; In the critical period of wheat and corn production, agricultural technicians went deep into the field to guide farmers to carry out scientific management. The total grain output was 178400 tons, an increase of 11.5% over 2009. Among them, the output of summer grain is 55100 tons and that of autumn grain is 123300 tons. [7]

baiyijia is one of the most professional customized furniture brands in China. It has gathered top talents in the industry and set up A-MAX design studio. Behome baiyijia customized home is centered on home users, innovating the lifestyle of more and more families, and taking the European and American fashion trends, the Japanese storage concept, and the more adaptable Chinese lifestyle as the design concept, forming a unique Hong Kong style home style, taking into account the three home elements of fashion, life and function. Mature market operation mode, perfect management service system and other advantages have won widespread consumer recognition and strong competitiveness in the market

behome Baiyi home is the first to propose the whole house furniture customization with cabinets and wardrobes as the main body in China

behome Baiyi home is the first to implement the leading information-based integrated system in China

investors looking for a brand to join is like a venture capital, so we quote Buffett's words: "e; Whether an enterprise has investment value depends on its profit model. Luonan franchisees are also interested in the advanced profit model of Bai Yijia ---- whole house furniture customization and information integration system, so they finally choose Bai Yijia

in behome, our ideal is to create a better home quality life for the public. Our business philosophy is to provide customized furniture products of the whole house with the best cost performance, and let the family customize it for you

Hong Kong baiyijia Luonan store will fully launch " My lifestyle " Functionalism with the theme pastoral impression elegance Danish style Norwegian forest aristocratic family celebrities Auchan style multiple sets of whole house home products with eight popular lifestyles in the innocent era are displayed as stores, so as to make every Luonan customer get the best shopping experience and life experience, and help you realize your home dream! Fully display the comprehensive, mature and fashionable product line of baiyijia; More in line with the design concept of human life; And Youjia life system: elegant appearance/superior quality/function optimization

behome baiyijia's product market positioning - medium price, behome baiyijia took the lead in proposing " Unbalanced pricing method "e; -- The core business philosophy of behome baiyijia is to improve the quality and lower the price, and strive to make the most cost-effective products. Maslow's theory divides needs into five categories: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect needs, and self realization needs, which are arranged from a lower level to a higher level. Although the more upward, the more valuable, but also the less easy to achieve. Market practice has proved that no furniture brand can serve all customers. It is an inevitable choice to win the competition to lock in the target customer group, segment the market and position correctly. Similarly, as an investor, we also need to have an accurate positioning. Only a clear and accurate positioning can get twice the result with half the effort

as a medium and high-end brand, baiyijia has been welcomed and loved by customers everywhere with high-quality service and reasonable product prices! Baiyijia Luonan store will uphold the consistent business style of baiyijia and provide the best products and the best pre-sales and after-sales service for Luonan customers

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