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The significance of new house decoration is self-evident. It indicates the beginning of a new life. Therefore, every detail and process cannot be underestimated. Now let me show you the process of new house decoration

Step 1: design scheme

before the decoration of the new house, is it necessary to have a favorable decoration design scheme? It can measure its own room and determine a good decoration design style scheme

if you don't plan to do it yourself, then you should choose a qualified decoration company with strong comprehensive strength, find a designer to review the decoration plan, and so on. After determining the plan, you should consider the problem of funds

note: do not choose Street guerrillas for petty gains, otherwise the quality is not guaranteed, and money may go to the building empty

step 2: room measurement budget

after communicating with the designer, he should carry out room measurement budget. He can carry out field measurement of a new house, measure the length, width and height of each room of the house, as well as the positions of doors, windows and heating one by one, etc. his designer will make a design scheme according to the requirements of the residents, and then formulate the budget estimate of home decoration and make a quotation

note: the current situation of the house has a direct impact on the quotation. For the quotation made by the designer, the residents must know the relevant price in advance, and do not agree with what the decoration company writes. There are many tricky things in it, and some items can also be saved

Step 3: sign a contract

after choosing a decoration company and agreeing with its design plan and budget, it should sign a construction contract for family room decoration, which clearly defines the obligations and rights of both parties

note: when signing the construction contract for family room decoration, there are many details to pay attention to. For changes, they also need to be written directly in the contract in the form of attachments, and both parties can sign and seal it

step 4: on site disclosure

after signing the contract, the decoration construction team should enter the site, but there needs to be a link of on-site disclosure, which is participated by customers, designers, engineering supervisors and construction principals. It is the first step after signing the home decoration contract and the most critical step in all steps

note: the disclosure materials must be complete. Many of the designers' disclosure is superficial, and the disclosure is for the purpose of disclosure, and the explanation is not detailed. The owner should also ask if he doesn't understand

Step 5: material acceptance

after the technical disclosure, it will enter the construction stage, and the selection and acceptance of materials. One is that the decoration company purchases the materials on behalf of the owner, and the owner accepts them and signs them for construction. The other is that the owner purchases the materials by himself. The materials can be used only after they are accepted by the construction director and the project supervisor and signed by both parties

note: no matter which party the buyer is, the construction can only be carried out after both parties confirm that the acceptance is qualified. The materials that have not been accepted cannot be constructed. The other party is responsible for the losses caused by the construction without acceptance

step 6: Mobilization Construction

home decoration construction includes four major projects: concealed works, mud wood works, paint works and installation works. Although it is completed by the decoration company, residents cannot stay out of it. It is also necessary to assist and handle some necessary procedures, ensure the construction period of decoration, and check and accept on schedule or in advance

note: in the decoration construction project, the concealed works cannot be seen with the naked eye, so during the decoration, its residents should first understand some key points, so as not to be ignored and omitted by the decoration company

step 7: intermediate acceptance

intermediate acceptance is a very important link. When the rough assembly and concealed works are completed and ready to enter the fine assembly, it is best to carry out a focused acceptance. If there are new changes or unsatisfied areas, local changes are required, which can also be proposed at this time

note: in recent years, disputes caused by home decoration have increased day by day, and afterwards dissatisfaction and rework have occurred from time to time, which is time-consuming, laborious and uneconomical. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the effect of the completion of the project in the medium-term acceptance

step 8: final acceptance

after the overall construction is completed, clean the construction site, and the person in charge of construction will notify the customer, designer and project supervisor to conduct on-site acceptance. After passing the acceptance, carefully fill in the project acceptance form in the contract, and both parties will sign for approval

note: in this link, the owner also has to fill in the warranty card in the contract, which will be the certificate that the owner requires the decoration company to repair in the future

Step 9: the project is completed

the new house is finally decorated. Is it a little impatient to move in

note: after the completion of the project, because there are some harmful substances in most furniture, it is best to stay after the completion of the project for 3-5 months

step 10: home decoration warranty

after the completion of the project, a warranty card should be filled in according to the project warranty regulations. During the warranty period, the customer requires maintenance with this warranty card. When the user has decoration problems in the process of use, contact the decoration company, or directly contact the construction person in charge or the project supervisor to explain the problems, and the decoration company will send someone to repair them in time

conclusion: many people can't wait to decorate and live in the new house, but the editor reminds you that the decoration process is boring and cumbersome. Don't be too anxious about the decoration. Refer to the above process step by step, and I believe you will decorate the house you are satisfied with





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