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Feng Shui of duplex office decoration

Feng Shui financial position analysis of duplex office decoration

first of all, we start with the main component stairs of duplex office. The functions of stairs mainly have two aspects, connecting upstairs and leading downstairs; If the upward direction of the stairs is directly facing the door in the office decoration design, it is a taboo to say that there is trouble leading into the door in Feng Shui; If the downstairs direction of the stairs is directly opposite to the gate, it is also impractical. Feng Shui has a tendency to lose money. We should try to set the stairs in a hidden position far away from the gate

secondly, as for the location selection method of wealth, the first is to take the whole scene of the office as the benchmark, and the midpoint of its diagonal is the emperor's throne, that is, wealth; Another saying is that it is at the oblique angle on the left side of the entrance of the office gate; Another saying is that wealth is variable, and different regions have different wealth; According to the author's Feng Shui experience, it is generally subject to the diagonal direction on the left side of the entrance. Of course, the choice of financial position depends on too many wind principles, such as orientation, five elements, etc. we only explain it on the basis of general conditions

talking about the layout and solution of office feng shui

in our office, some people say that it is most auspicious to put fish tanks and water in which direction. Generally, it is most auspicious to put water in the East in our office. Every morning, the water in the fish tank evaporates with the gas, which brings you more fresh aura, and this water can achieve good luck. Only when luck and aura are moistened, can it represent real luck, and your luck can be good. It rises with the wood and water of the East. In this way, when the aura of the east rises, the water rises with the aura, so that your body will be healthy. Only when your body is good, your career will be good

there are four pages in total. The first page is 1234. The next page is especially good for your body, especially when you get up in the morning and enter the office, first face the fish tank and take a few deep breaths. Second, there should be more plants in the office and less thorny plants, such as cactus and cactus, which should be kept less. If you put these thorny things in the office, the noble people don't come to the door and wealth doesn't get started, it will also bring a disease to your skin, which is prone to skin diseases. Therefore, putting more round leaf plants and green plants in the office can adjust the space aura of the whole office, which is also a method of transportation

it's best to set the boss's personal office in the East. Sitting facing east, you can directly breathe the spirit of the East. I can't face the East. If you face the southeast, you can also prosper your career and make yourself healthy. Only when you are healthy can you do a good job in your career. This is the layout and seating of the office

another point about the method of placing desks should also be mentioned. After the new office is selected, whether it's good to sit in the ideal direction and how to choose, I'll tell the majority of netizens here. First of all, back to the wall, including our boss, employees, back to the wall, there are backers, can get the boss's importance and support. Someone said that we are a big club, so we can't lean against the wall. Don't lean against the wall. First, you should choose to sit northwest to Southeast, or sit southeast to northwest. Or sit West to East, sit north to south, this is your best position. In this way, you can prosper your career, help your boss, put your boss in an important position, help your boss, and have a lot of friends

analysis of nine directions of office feng shui

a white greedy wolf star

this year, the direction of a white greedy wolf star flying is due east. This lucky star is dominated by fame and wealth, marriage and noble official career. Of course, there are also peach blossom and popularity. Therefore, if you are an academic staff and want to get popular and love this year, you can place a pink crystal Seven Star array or a Feng Shui aquarium in the east of the office

Er Hei Bing Fu

this year's ER Hei Bing Fu Fang is in the southeast, which is the fierce position Sha Fang. The main thing is the physical and mental pain. Therefore, if you don't decorate according to the stress of Feng Shui, you are likely to bring yourself a disaster of blood and light, or disease and pain

triple Jupiter

this year's triple Jupiter is in the central house. For the evil side. The main thing is to talk about right and wrong. In the workplace, what people are most afraid of is that there are villains behind them. Therefore, in the Zhonggong position of the office, you can put a permanent light or other items representing fire to consume wood energy

four green Wenchang star

this year's four green Wenchang position is in the northwest, auspicious, in charge of wisdom, career, study and grandchildren. Therefore, you can put your desk in this position, and you can also put lucky plants such as asparagus in this position. Can help you improve your wisdom and enhance your career

Wuhuang Dasha prescription

has 4 pages in total. Page 1: 1234. The next page: the five loess stars are flying in the west, which are evil stars. The Lord's is disease, disaster, and other evils. In geomantic omen, the position where the five yellow stars fly is also called the five yellow Sha. Because it is a brake position, all movable decorations cannot be placed. But there are always two sides to things. Although it is not suitable for most people, it will be a good year for people engaged in insurance, medical treatment, consulting and other industries

orientation of Liubai Caixing

the orientation of Liubai Caixing flying this year is the northeast. It is auspicious, the Lord of windfall wealth, many noble people, promotion to power and people Ding, etc. Therefore, it can be regarded as a auspicious position. When arranging the office, you can place the topaz Yuanbao Seven Star array in this direction

seven red stars

this year's seven red stars are in the south, with ups and downs. Because this evil star was originally the main lawsuit, it was easy for people to spend money and eliminate disasters, which led to villains' framing. But because it also manages the fortune of partial wealth, it can only be appropriate to vent rather than overcome. At the same time, Xiaobian also reminded everyone that red items must not be placed in the south of the office or home this year. (fortune telling)

eight white stars

eight this year's eight white stars fall in the due north direction, which is the most auspicious of the nine stars. Not only in charge of money in and out, but also in charge of promotion, entrepreneurship, as well as peach blossom, popularity and marriage. Therefore, we must properly arrange the north direction of the office, and maybe we will have a good harvest of career and love this year

nine purple stars

when it comes to nine purple stars, single friends must be excited, because this is the star position in charge of marriage, celebration, peach blossom, child seeking and home ownership. This year's nine purple stars are in the southwest. Therefore, whether you want to ask for marriage or improve your relationship with superiors and subordinates, you can place Sanlin Tongqing ornaments in this position

there are four pages in total, the first page 1234, the next page

desk sitting towards Feng Shui Daquan

Feng Shui mystery of office seat orientation

in office feng shui, the most important thing is the position and direction of the core staff's desk. Because the comprehensive situation of core personnel determines the overall development trend of the enterprise. The company operator is the core leader of an enterprise, and his office environment is very important, such as the choice of office location, the choice of sitting direction, the placement of office equipment, etc. The core personnel of the company are the key personnel of the company's management. The location of his office is particularly important, and it must be placed in the best position, so that the office can completely complement the aura of nature, and the cause is more helpful. It can strengthen the control ability of leaders. Wealth has a icing on the cake effect on career development, so office feng shui pays great attention to wealth effect

the office building facing east and West must take the east or northwest as the office of the core personnel of the company

if you sit in an office building from the northeast to the southwest, you must take the northwest or northeast as the office of the company's core personnel

when sitting in an office building from the southeast to the northwest, the office of the company's core personnel must be in the East, South or southwest

as an office building facing north, the office of the core personnel of the company must be located in the South or northeast

the office building facing west to East must take the northwest or southeast as the office of the company's core personnel

if you sit in an office building from the southwest to the northeast, you must take the east or southwest as the office of the company's core personnel

if you sit in an office building facing northwest to Southeast, you must take the due west or northwest as the office of the company's core personnel

the office building facing south must take the north or southwest as the office of the core personnel of the company

the office area of the company's core personnel should not be too large. The larger the room, the more imposing, otherwise it is not easy to gather gas. If you are alone, your business will decline. Of course, it is not suitable to be too small, which means that the business is not easy to expand and the pattern development is limited. Generally speaking, it should be between 15 and 30 square meters, and it is best to set it on a higher floor

the leadership seat faces

the east or Southeast position

is suitable for young leaders who want to quickly create new companies and expand the company

sit in the northeast or southwest

this is a company leader who is suitable for marketing

sit in an east-west position

this position is suitable for leaders close to retirement, especially for investment companies and sales

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