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I believe many people hate rainy days. They can't go shopping in rainy days, and their mood won't get better. Looking at the four walls or ceilings, they will start to get moldy because of the rain. In the face of this humid "plum rain season", I believe many people feel that they have no way to start, and now oxy diatom mud can help you solve this big problem

diatom mud is a new type of functional indoor decorative wall material with diatomite as the main raw material. It is made from the sediments of aquatic planktonic diatoms living millions of years ago. It has a special lattice structure, with a specific surface area of 65m2/g, a porosity of more than 90%, a low density, a strong adsorption capacity, and can adsorb water 2.5 times its own weight

diatomite wall material originated in Japan. After it was introduced into China, it can be shaped at will for construction, painting on the wall, making patterns, etc., like mud, and diatomite was added. Construction workers used to call it diatomite mud. Over time, it formed the "diatomite mud" now known to everyone

now diatom mud, a natural environmental protection interior wall decoration material, is used to replace wallpaper and latex paint, and is suitable for interior wall decoration of villas, apartments, hotels, homes, hospitals and so on. Oxydol diatom mud also adds some nano formaldehyde decomposition agents, which can not only breathe the humidified air, but also more efficiently remove the free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfide and other harmful substances in the air, significantly reduce the pet odor and the air odor generated by smoking and domestic garbage, purify the indoor air and improve the living environment. There are also certain sound-absorbing functions, heat preservation functions, fire-retardant functions, elimination of air static electricity, etc

oxy multi products have the function of two-way automatic adjustment of air dry and humidity. In a humid environment, the saturated moisture in the air is fully absorbed by the porous structure inside the wall material to keep the indoor wall dry and clean. When the indoor environment is dry, the moisture stored in the wall material is released into the air to maintain the humidity balance of the room. Oxygen should be more, with strong adsorption function. The wall surface should be kept dry for a long time to avoid mildew and blackening due to moisture and ponding. The anti mildew performance of the product is grade I

not only that, because diatom mud is a natural mineral, it does not contain heavy metals and does not generate static electricity, so it does not actively absorb ash. If it is dirty, it can be wiped off with a rubber. And everyone's preferences are different. When decorating, they also have different needs for the required decoration effect. Diatom mud texture is natural and generous, durable and timeless, and always maintains youthful vitality. While maintaining the original ecology and pure nature, the printing is more fashionable and delicate, and light pine creates an idyllic, elegant and warm home style. Therefore, how can you not be in a good mood when you say that such an oxygen rich diatom mud





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