214 Ping sweet luxury villa decoration neoclassica

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This is a four story single family villa with 214 square meters of space, which adopts the decoration of neoclassical style as a whole, and adds Chinese style elements to varying degrees. Due to the hostess's love for Hello Kitty, the lovely feeling is correspondingly added to the decoration at home

the effect of laser cutting with white piano paint and black iron is used as the design of the porch screen. The totem is mainly the wallpaper totem element that continues the back wall behind the sofa. It presents the virtual and real. The arrangement of the dressing glasses also echoes this effect

the main wall becomes the interface between the guest restaurants. The material is made of reinforced glass for laser carving, and then painted to make the modeling wall part, which has a strong, texture, and clear feeling, and blocks the lampblack part at the same time

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